Burning Kings:The Last Cataclysm

by Insanity11
A new and constantly updated PvP game. Try it out and come join the fun.
The Last Cataclysm occurred 10 years ago. It flipped the planets planes of existence and bundled them together, leaving the world in chaos. To brings oder to this chaos, 3 humans took it upon themselves to take control. Traveling to the Abyss, a place where darkness is consumed by even greater darkness, one cut out his own heart and took reign of darkness and death and thus became the Reaper. The second prayed and prayed then sacrificed their body to become the Savior, the bringer of light. The third, unable to choose sides between light and dark, his friends. He asked a favor of the reaper, sold his soul, and binded himself to an immortal body.

On the game there will be 6 leaders, leaders will be able to create custom techniques that will be unique each player.

Classes all have unique abilities and fighting styles.

its just a naruto rip with freeform editing in it
This is THE biggest fail
aaaahhhh shut up
hey, i use to play this game all the time! lol! it was such a blast! and it was soo funy. i miss it! and if you ever see this comment, i was wondering if i could get the host files for this game, i wanna bring this game back to alive. the way it use to be. and also those other guys down there. they dont know what their missin. =D
wish this game had more players