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Naruto: Eternal Memories
Join various worlds in a battle between the evil and the good!
As you know, I have been accepting (and rejecting) almost all your suggestions, nowadays we've already added almost all the things you suggested us.

Our main problem now is that there are not many "enemies spritesheets" left to add. So I don't know what to do, if you have a decent enemy spritesheet (I say decent! It must have enough attack states, some skills, and a decent look) please, post it here (of course they have to be from Naruto).

We currently have 58 characters in the game (counting Donators & ANBU (Admin-Only), I think the gam will reach it's character's limit soon, but I believe there are still characters not added.

So please, suggest us your ideas and characters (post spritesheets! We won't accept ideas without the sprites)

By the way, we are focusing on Akatsuki, Leaf already has a lot of great characters.

Hiruko , add him fool. (From the movie) :3
Avainer1 wrote:
'find icons for my chrs plz' Good one >.>

Can you stop making characters donator only and make it a choice to donate? It was better back in the day where everything was free.
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Darkpretzel21 wrote:
Can you stop making characters donator only and make it a choice to donate? It was better back in the day where everything was free.

I don't believe that is even allowed for a fan-game such as this. Oh well, if something happens... then it happens.

My suggestion would be a set of tournaments, outside of the ones only hosted by you. I like the idea, so sorry if it just sounds like I'm repeating Thehumandog's idea.
Another suggest I would like to offer is, perhaps an elemental environment system. Elemental based jutsu's such as fire style would have a distinct advantage in certain areas, and it would be the same for the other elements as well in their particular maps. Another thing you could do is elemental oppositions, for example:
Making fire style attacks weaker to water style, lightning style attacks stronger against water, and so on.

Sorry, if the recommendations aren't that detailed or good.
Just thought I would suggest some things, I believe I've seen them done in another game and it was quite popular.

How dare you ignore me ET. Add Hiruko from the movie or else. I will crush you e_e

you should make Haku. also give shikamaru some nara moves thanky you :)
stop suggesting unless you have sprites for the characters.
Do you have Leaf Jonin Sasuke? I have the sprite sheet.

thers the link for the one i showed you, not sure what you meant about the size though

Larger version you could actually use.. I think
Tobi in Rinnengan Form?
So i had this idea about something called "Awakenings". In the Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm series,they have something called "Awakening Mode". It's like a desperate last resort when their HP is low but on this game, it could be a last life resort. For example:Naruto=Kyuubi Chakra Mode,Sasuke=Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. But this stritcly happens only on their very last life. It's basically a buff/boost before dying and they can be healed in this form.It can be like a boost to defense,damage,or chakra/hp.This would be an awsome idea because every ninja makes an epic last stand before dying so it'd fit right in here.See how Sasori has puppet body mode? I'd call that an awakening. Deidara could have his C4 dragon and fly around or Kisame could have his shark transformation. Hokages could have something called "Kage Mode" and "Jounin Mode?" LoL. Well, here's a video of awakenings from Naruto Shippuden:Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations: would be time consuming but would really be worth it i believe.By the way Eternal, please update Sasuke and Naruto's awakenings? Sasuke doesn't even have curse seal anymore and Naruto no longer goes bat-shit crazy and enters 1 tailed kyuubi mode.Give him Kyuubi chakra mode and Sasuke have EMS.For everyone's awakenings, slap in 1-4 more jutsus or give them the same old jutsus they had with 1-2 new ones.Just my thoughts and ideas. Please hear me out on this!
Okay Konan she could use some jutsus
Paper Illusion - which could work like phase or Crow Genjutsu, and use the Paper Tornado Animation

Paper Chasm - Which would be a bunch of normal Paper bombs explodeing and have an AOE it could just have a bunch of falling papers followed by several explosions this can hit both teams and Konan herself, but has a delay to get away or can be detonated by Konan at will

Paper Javalin - Maybe a Melee Homing like Lava Shoot which the Mizukage has, or a swift projectile

Replace "Paper Throw" with "Paper Shuriken" - Recolor a shuriken(or i can do it myself ;D) and make her throw a shuriken, it should be faster then normal as her shurikens like Guren's are faster then thrown ones.

SPRITES Konanorigamifinished.png
HP Buffs:
They can take a much better beating then shown

Shadow neck bind - Only used on those shadow possesioned, hits all in bind
Shadow Stitching - Only usable on those shadow posseseioned, hits all in bind, ends shadow possession TS-Shikamaru-Sprite-Sheet-91994214 File:Shikamaru-SND5.png

Block Button:
A Key you could guard yourself, Knock backs would make you slide, instead of fly
A.You could guard half Damage from Jutsu, and Melee.
B.Guard damage based on your Melee/Jutsu defences

Well, I was looking in the forums and saw too many topics, asking "Who banned me?". I was thinking, EM, Can you put on a system to tell you who banned you, the reason and link them the ban section in the forums?

Oh and... What about a format? For example, If you're banned :

Key Banned : *Put your key that was banned*

Reason : *Put the reason, obviously.*

Banned by : *Put the person that banned you*

Why you should be unbanned? :

*You know what to type here.*

This would help Eternal in reading the posts.
Application Format :

Key : *Put the key assigned to the application*

Why should I get promoted to this position :

Were you ever an (iconner/president/supreme president) in any game?
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