(Browse, Topic, href, \ref, HTML, etc.)

Where can I find a reliable guide on how to start learning this stuff?

I currently use a grid and using output to display players in a server and their attributes. I find the grid method to look sloppy and not as nice or flexible as I've seen some popup windows.
(Browse, Topic, href, \ref, HTML, etc.) there are topics on each of them in DM Reference
html_text = "<b>Hello!</b>"
src<<browse( html_text , other params)

Will output to the src's browser - the text.


The data received via a href link from the player (Who clicked it)

<a href=?user=\ref[src]>Who am I?</a>

A reference to anything contained within a href tag.
Sending the user as a value you can locate() in Topic() in one of its parameters.