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i cant log into the server.. any idea why? in game name is borgstede
GOD LET ME BACK dungoen master
Hey Gods, I can't login, it says connection failed, I was on not 5 mintutes ago :/
hey god wtf happened to hell station 13 man
hey Godsring
First shoutbox post in 11 years
God? units starving again in DM, help!
2004, eh? Impressive. That's my join date as well.

Don't see many people with time on BYOND!
I always liked Dungeon Master and wanted to see it revived or revive it myself(I suck at programming though) Anyways good luck.
wish i had the files..
wheres dungeon master?!?!
bring it back....
I have discontinued work on Dungeon Master and work primarily on Allied Nations. If you loved dungeon master it is likely you will also love Allied Nations. Especially once its finished.
Any news when allied nations will be updated? The lack of dungeon master is killing me