Wow... Just, wow.
Uhm, you're talking as if Microsoft as a whole wrote that. It was/were probably one or two people who wrote that. =P
It's not like they hate it; they're extending their personalized help information to other web browsers.
I don't get it.
Me neither>,<
Elation, Lord of light, Dalze means that even Microsoft "hates" IE because they're using FireFox. It's not that hard.. -.-
Where in that picture is Microsoft using Firefox? The person browsing the Microsoft site is using firefox, yes. I don't get it. Who took that screenshot?
Look at the download window, lololol
Err, Elation. That download window is part of that page he took a screenshot of. =/
Oh, now I get it. lollolol
Uhm... Look at the link... It says MozillaValidation.aspx because you are using FireFox. So it's only smart to load a page describing how you download it with FireFox, because you're not using Internet Explorer, are you?
Oh Snap, pwnt bai aayko.

But it is weird that microsoft is even supporting firefox. Hell, you can't even use WindowsUpdate if you're in firefox, can you?
and common sense wins again.
...since when has common sense won?

But, yeah. That's what I found mostly weird, that they would actually support people who are not using their products.
You would think that they would make the non-Internet-Explorer users have a difficult as possible time on their site.
Sweet >_>
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<3 IE.

</3 the sudden inability for IE to DL .mp3 files without crashing. :'(
DALZE!!!!! iTs Grimmy i think u should maybe in ur good heart un bann me from ue server MAYBE!??!!?!
"Sorry, you don't own a Sony TV, we can't provide support for your PS2"

Although Microsoft seems like the last person to even mention the existence of another browser, but not that big of a deal.
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