Hey guys its been awhile since I posted a few updates on NSO. Here is a video demonstration

Inventory system:

If you got any question feel free to ask.

Release date:Unknown
Village available:Leaf,Sand,Mist, and including a couple small town villages
Clans: 5 clans including non-clan

If you are interested and would like to help I have an available position open for pixel artist.

looks pretty good
I like it :) but fix your interface's colours so you can see the names of people who comment without highlighting :P
I'm still working on my layout and I'm still learning more about css.
I'd like to commend you on making this very well done game, Keep at it Suzakou!
Nice, looks professional.
Looks very nice :).
not bad . looks a little like BE haha but its good. hope it turns out great!
It's ironic because the game isn't online right now.