This is a normal city. Note how straight the streets are. People who grow up here acquire a direction sense.

This is where I grew up. Was the city planner on acid? I feel like a rat trapped in a maze whenever I drive through here. People who grow up here do not acquire a direction sense.

That is all.
Wow. That's even more insane than the street layout where I live, which is bad enough because it's all curves and circles. But at least it's not made up of squiggles! maps?f=q&hl=en&q=2360+N+23rd+St,+lafayette,+IN+47904&ll=42.7 36674,-71.165657&spn=0.087249,0.215435

That's where I lived awhile back. Notice where I lived it's nice, and squarely, then look all around that, it looks like crop circles. It was like hell trying to get to certain locations.
You should move to Utah than. The easiest road system used. If you understand the concept of it. It uses a grid system.