Spirit Life

by Azone
Spirit Life

.:|How Deep The Rabbit Hole Goes|:.

The world was much simpler when you were a child wasn't it? Before you found out just how deep the rabbit hole really goes.
It was black and white, red and blue, evil and good, demon and angel.
How childish you were...
Good and Evil don't exist, right or wrong don't either. It's all about that gut feeling and what it tells you to do, does it tell you to steal to eat today? Does it tell you to protect those who are dear and even those you don't know? Or does it tell you to punish all in your way for simply existing?
Either way now is your time, advance, don't look back and don't dwell on the past because in order to gain true strength you have to focus yourself, plan ahead, and fight for what you believe in.
Which world will you represent and where will you fit in? Born a child of the demonic ice village who's heart is as cold as the element it reflects?
Or maybe a pyromancer hume just striving to pass your high school years?
Are you an angel of the Spirit World, sent down to protect or guide souls to their final resting place?
The choice is yours.
The life that has been laid in front of you won't unfold on it's own!
Embark in a new world, a new life; A SpiritLife.










Ice Maiden

Muscle Manipulation



Spirit Detective

Spirit Awareness

Spirit Investigator




Shadow Territorial

Sniper Territorial



Spirit Fighter



this game is cool, but kind've unfair that spirit gun users have a charge time, since it doesnt allow them to move in verb fights
Nice game i like the Mc donalds truf
this game is awesome i wanna become a mazoku but the rpp thing isn't really fair because i have dislexia a reading and writing learning disability
LOL!! You have dislexia! XD I'm just kidding, i have dislexia as well, you just have to try harder.
This game is horrible. The GM's answer only the questions they care to answer, and will repeat themselves for just about anything else. They have a tutorial which shows you how to fight, but doesn't teach you about the game itself. If you like waiting on one person to RP with in order to start doing absolutely ANYTHING, this is the game for you! If you like having something which has a friendly GM board and is at a decent level to figure things out in, this place doesn't suit you well. 1/5 stars.
You've moved from trolling in game to trolling the hub. So let's start with some facts, all your questions were answered in a timely manner. This is funny though, I'll post it cause it made me laugh.

Hamun: why not just make things to do in spirit world? -_-

Deiridh: Good question~

GMGin Juichi{Demon Lord} : Because this is an RPing game, that's something to do.

GMGin Juichi{Demon Lord} : Are you being hindered from RPing?

Hamun: i tryed this game out a year ago and there is still nothing to do here

Deiridh: There's nothing to do when nobody is on, and if nobody is on, there
Deiridh: is no ring

Deiridh: rping*

GMGin Juichi{Demon Lord} : If so, please tell us how and what we can do to make it so you RP with each other.

GMGin Juichi{Demon Lord} : Hamun is in SW.

GMGin Juichi{Demon Lord} : Go RP with him.

After that you were just trolling about things that should've been posted on our forum. But did you see what I did there? I answered your question on what to do and yet you continued to talk about how there were things that needed to be done. Amusing.

Moving on, let's go into your comment. Lying about our GM team doesn't make you look good. There's a storyline, and in the options tab there's a guide that explains ranks and gives you list of needed RPPs for each rank. It also gives you things to RP about, character development and progression are things that I looked forward to in an RP, and when you RP with others, that's something to do not 'absolutely ANYTHING' as you put it. So enjoy.

PS: I clearly write a lot.
R u deirdh from bub
Play this game if you like to RP. Play it why are you still reading this play it now!
Could be way better dislike
lol watch matrix much?
do you liek play League Of Legends cus i see apic of ashe in the banner
You people are such trolls.
Dayum man, Your resource downloads gonna take years!
Ugh if the large resources is due to mp3's I'm gonna rage for a few moments.
Must.. Try out this game.. Put it upp haha.
When is this game coming back up....
Glad to see this is still up.
I never see this on anymore
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