by Oasiscircle
A multi-player roguelike set in a fantasy medieval period!
Keywords: polis
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I'm starting to get really excited for this game, having everything on one page feels really good.
Even though some of these topics (like realtime monster AI) are pretty big, there are a lot that I could implement really quickly so it evens out quite nicely!

Be on the look-out, I'm charging full steam ahead! ;)
Is dat homework!? Mister, you better drop the notes and finish those mathematical expressions!
Polis? Never heard of it...
Can't believe how awesome this looks. Please send me an early demo if you don't mind :D
I remember playing this back when it was just letters, but no graphics. It grew so much :).
Oasis, you've totally blown me away with the updates since you let me into the map generator.

Can't wait!
What's happening with thiiis! :O