Project Naruto

by Atriosv3
Project Naruto
A non-rip Naruto based game in development.
I decided to rename Naruto Universe Online(NUO) to Project Naruto(PN) because I feel that its a better name. We also changed the hub because I have no access to the old UP key, I had the password but someone changed it, but whatever the membership for UP ran out. Neo programmed lots of stuff for Project Naruto
already such as Pixel Movement, Password Login, and more ! But were in need of artist to help make the base or turf. Thats all for now.


Awesome news :)

i cant wait for PN to come out :3
Still need a base.?
Project naruto sounds like its a fuckin test game. And lil wayne> tyga that how bad tyga is

~chief keef