Stargate Galaxy

by 0DarkShadow0
Stargate Galaxy
A stargate game by 0DarkShadow0
Ive decided to make my own Stargate game. It will be based off Sg-1, Stargate Atlantis, and Stargate Universe.

Current Staff List:
Owner: 0DarkShadow0
Co-Owner: Dews
Lead Coder: 0DarkShadow0
Backup Coder: Open
Lead Iconer: Open
Iconer: Open
Backup Iconer: 0DarkShadow0
Host: 0DarkShadow0
Backup Host: Open
Mapper: 0DarkShadow0
Backup Mapper: Open
Currently looking for Noone

Destiny mapped and coded
Kino's are done.
planets destiny comes incontact to done
Comm. Stones done
Recharging plates done
Consoles done
food and water system done
FTL done

WOOHOOO!!! EVERYTHING IS DONE!!! except for destiny just waiting on last scripts!!!!!

Overall all: 96%

Check out the forums at
i think this game will be the best ever