Dragonball Kai: Untold Prophecy

by TriSin
This is in its testing stages don't worry have any problems tell Diggz,Logan,Loso
hey the server is not working
fix it now
FIX IT NOW IT WILL NOT WORK 17 THE OWNER U SAID ( 17 u said u were owner so fix the problem
the best game ever can not stop
Diggz=17=JJsq303 chill the fuck out gheeze u got booted as soon as u joined for spam >.>
Woah hold up i wanna know why im not owner i was suppose to be switched to owner along with Kizuner of course he got fired but i should atleast get Admin...
but it doesn't matter.
I wanna Host man PLz i wanna host :D
iam Bad_Bat ok so i wanna host iam good in hosting i will keep it 24 hours and make it off for like 2 or 3 hours to make it rest from bugs and something like tht ok PLz choose me and i will not be able to host i will be able to host in 3 days ok :D plz choose meh :D
You sure ?
Game is spoilt and ruined by the GMs who run the game, they abuse and ban instantly for no reason whatsoever, really buggy as well as laggy, not a game to be played and more likely it will be shutted down as i will inform byond and funanimation.

Thank You for showing me how the game is like...

Recommended not to try this for everyone!
In response to XeroXi
Lol, You came on insulting players...