by Lummox JR
Load, save, and reuse temporary maps for unlimited worlds
Hello ive been trying to make a cutscene for the tutorials of my game, but i want it to be so only that person will be in that map so they won't see any other players. so how could i implemement that with SwapMaps.?

i understand the library for the most part but i want to make sure im doing this right. so how would you do it since your the creator of this lib.?

Great Appreciated, i wll be waiting for your reply...
Thank You
I'd include the cutscene components in either a saved map or a .dmm file (which SwapMaps can read, but not write), and then load up a copy. I think your instinct about the cutscene being easiest to do this way is correct.
can you make some sort of library to show that.?
or you know a example.? what if i converted dmp to swapmaps then i would just make it so that each player loads the map, then JumpsTo it then when done the map is deleted right.?
im still not clear on how the SwapMaps_CreateFromTemplate works.
Just use "images" (Which only the selected player can see).
Give that image the icon you want and add some camera controls,text and fading to it.

And thats it you'll have a cutscene wich only the selected player(s) can see. Using Swap map isn't a bad thing but i think this method is a lot easier.
your right it is, but idk something seems less complicated about swap map. and i dont really use images a lot so idk how it works to a certain point
LummoxJR you there.?