Dragonball Z: Immortal Damnation

by Aceraptor
Dragonball Z: Immortal Damnation
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This game is driven by player base. The game updates are input within the player base. The game style of this game is semi pvp. Many different tournament modes to play, many npcs to gain exp.
Various ways to train your level higher. Come join the game and see if you like it. If not then screw off:D
New 24/7 shell server offered by Winning.

If you have any questions or suggestions post them on the forums. If there is anything new it will be posted here.

Enjoy your stay on Fight For Supremacy!

-Dec 28, 2011
Sweet Game :P
Oh cool. This game is still standing.
https://www.facebook.com/pages/BYOND/131181963588950 Bye the way this links teleports you to a Fan Page on Facebook. Please like
Awesome Game
how com there r no servers
So where is the server
what's the old version for? why aren't you guys playing the new version? what's wrong?
I'm surprised no one knows that the game is back.
Dude This game is awesome,It was on 2 months ago, Then it got shut down. Seriously at one time this game had 20 players in that time. I wish this game was back up i favourited and fanned this game if your hearing me Aceraptor...Please put this amazing game back online.
Man if I could I would put the server up but I never got the host file or the source from Kunaimaster so it won't be up until who knows when.
Well it's good to hear from you anyways :p, I thought it would take a week to just get a reply from you, I'm glad your still online these days :p.
Yeah man don't worry I'm online a lot but I'll try to contact Kunaimaster
I'm literally waiting to find a good dragonballz game to find and so far i have no luck. I'm on the verge of just quitting byond because of boredom :p
Lol give me about a week it should be up in that amount of time
Whelp... I'm going to sleep I'm gonna call it a night. Also i will log on tomorrow and constantly check to see if this game is online so :p Take Care.

Hey Aceraptor just wondering if you got the files now xD
No I don't.
Man you reply so fast. hopefully in a week the game should be up right?
if there any dragonballz game you can host atm, Theres nothing good online.
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