Frontline Assault

by PopLava
Frontline Assault
A multiplayer war strategy game!
Keywords: hex, lobby, screen, splash
Developer Notes:
The next major milestone for the project code named "HexGame" is to revamp it so it can run many games as a single server. The game is perfect for hosting because it's turn based. This change will also increase the player base by having all players in one place which will make games easier to find.

- Added a map based splash screen with fade effect which I Uploaded to the RC as an example. Its not that I'm vane, it's just the starting point into instanced based games.
- Added map based place holder for Lobby. After the splash screen, you will land in the Lobby page where you can chat, create, or join games.

Into the foreseeable future...
I'll be adding bare minimum lobby components and updating the engine to support game instances via swapmaps. With those tasks done, I'll begin hosting and testing.

Into the unforeseen future...
I'm thinking of creative ways to expand the "hex". Resources, large maps, persistence, build up, and etc. If you have some ideas, throw em at me. Where can we take this thing?