i will help test
i would like to test i havent played since 2006 and really want to try it out again
Hey Lufia and Kajika thanks for giving me the opportunity to explain why I should be one of the testers. First off let me just say that this is a great and creative game to play which it is the best dmo and byond game to me. I've been playing for awhile and I know what should be in the game and what should not. I also really want to help you guys any way I can. So please do not hesitate to page me.Thank You!
Well I'm glad to see we are getting DMO back. Thank you Lufia and Kajika for working hard to bring it back to us. The reasons I believe I could bring a positive effect to the DMO testing are

1.) I have played DMO for awhile.
2.) I play yugioh in real life and understand how the complex chains supposed to work.
3.) I have the free time to help test.

Looking forward to seeing your page.

- Minip
I would love to test! ive missed the game soooo much i used to play it all the time and hi dantew!!!!
Ohhhh also how are we gonna know who can test and when and how to test???
Well i played it for about a year, on and off though. played with deck masters and shadow realm(even though i heard no more shadow realm=() i know the basics of yuhioh to begin with. andd i guess thats it
Hey, I would really love to test DMO, but why should you take me to test?

1) Ive played Yu-Gi-Oh for about 5 years now, so I know the rules very well.
2) I have enough free time to do the job.
3) Ive played DMO for 1 year.
4) I can keep secrets very well to myself.

Im looking forward to hearing from you.

i would love to test it because

1)i played dmo for a real long time trust me
2)im well known by lots of dmo players
3)i have experience with dmo and the real game
4) i can follow instructions well
5)im usually free and i have been awaiting this game
I definitely want to help with the progression of this game, I've been waiting for soooo long to get back onto DMO.
- I've been an avid Yu-Gi-Oh player since it was released in 2001, I bought half a case and had almost 2 sets of Exodia my first day playing. ;)
- I am a registered tournament organizer and judge, I understand the speed of effects when it comes to chaining.
- I've logged literally hundreds of hours into each of, what I think was, 3 different versions of Dmo in the past, and was ranked 2nd when Duelist Island was up.

I hope to get a message from you soon Lufia ;)
- True_Insult or at my email [email protected]
i want to help now!
I would like to help testing... mostly because it's been down for too long now.
and besides the DMO-Benefactor, i have all the medals ;) as one of the first...
i'll help test if you randomly pick me, but i'm not going to tell you i'm an official tournament judge or something, cause i'm not. And also, don't do the dartboard thing, my name is so big i'm guaranteed to get picked, make it a fair fight.
i've also dueled in real life for awhile.
I Would Like To Test
Heyt id like to test the game add me on pager Dadmanz . > big fan of dmo :)
CNT wait for when its realesed keep up the good work
I can Help Test DMO.Maybe I'm not a Good player but i Rly Love this Game.
I play a YGO from 2003 and DMO from...2006(?) with some Delays :d

(Sry for my English ^^")
I am a decent player and understand chains and how cards are ruled completely.
The reason i belive i will be a good tester is because i understand its not about having fun at this point and i am willing to put the time in testing everycard.
oh i just wanted to give you an idea for a rating system.
Like if you win you get a copy of there rating+20 and if you lose a copy of there rating -20 and after 10 duels it gets avanged out. Tho maybe it dont apply to someone if you duel them more than 3 times till a week or so has pasted
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