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Hope to see it up soon!
Need opinions from you guys. I'll be posting 2 pictures sometime tomorrow morning. I'd like to see which of the two you'd prefer.
So.. we already came up with a decision on which one we were going to go with but it's still nice to let you guys in on something at least since it's been a while ;)

Choice One

Choice Two

We decided on choice two, and it's still not finished, as you can see. The bigger orbs will be the Races available in the game which will lead to their classes that you see, then the done button in the middle. We will also display stats for each race and class when you select them so that you may know a little more about what you may want to choose, stat wise.

After we finish up this little bit, we'll be finishing up the customization part of the creation(wings, scars, eyes, nose, skin tones, tails, hair, etc) and then everything else we need to work on will only be in-game from then on. We'll post more pictures and/or video soon :)
Wow, Nice MDC!

You guys are doing great! Keep it up!
Cleaned up the comments. Wish there was a way to delete them by pages instead of one comment at a time x-x
Yay! My comment is the first one there xP But yes, I agree. It's a must add feature!

Btw MDC, are you adding in a Keydown/Up system for beams so you can charge them?

I hope you do! That would rock!
Yes. Beams will be able to be charged and will be able to clash against other beams and projectiles
Awesome !
Working on stats displaying for each race/class selected at the moment. Opinions?

Pretty good. I like the dragon balls.
Hello again. I like the pic. There seems to be alot of races, also, I like your character drawings. Keep up the great, and hopefully more frequent, work.
O.o very nice
Ikr Don xD
Character creation is done. Now working on character customization. This is going to be a big part since there will be so many things to customize. Here's a screenshot of it, it's still a work in progress but it's something you guys can look at :)

O.o you don't say ...
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Xyberman wrote:
O.o you don't say ...

I bet your wrist is feelin' all that pixeling... ha.
I halped too with the art this time :D
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MDC wrote:
I halped too with the art this time :D

Oh snap.
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