Grim Prospects: Classic

by ACWraith
Grim Prospects: Classic
A card battle over mining rights.
I recently uploaded another draft of the non-digital card game rules for my mining struggle, Grim Prospects. The changes are based on some feedback I got from The Game Crafter forum. Feel free to mention if anything is still confusing.
  • A table of faction names and symbols is included when defining factions.
  • Parenthetical references to later sections are all in italics.
  • Determining roles has been merged into the Forfeit a Tunnel Segment phase.
  • Emphasis has been added to both the Fire Two Miners phase and the Prepare For Battles phase to point out the roles and owners of support cards (loitering miners). Portions of the Resolve Battles phase have been rewritten to better describe how card powers are totaled and compared.
  • Transferring gems is now described thus in order to provide a temporary place to store cards during simultaneous turns: "Collapsed gems should be pushed slightly forward and separated from their tunnels. Once all gems have been separated, they should be added to the tunnels of their new owners."
  • Some tidbits, like what the AI does when gem counts are equal, were added or rephrased.
I gave it a read and am still relatively boggled. There's something tricky to grasp about this game system, and it has to do with how a card is both a miner and a tunnel segment, how we're supposed to resolve combat between miners, and exactly how that combat is resolved. Maybe the missing aspect is we need to see some examples of resolutions - this is a game that "clicks" better from doing.
I just got another post of feedback from The Game Crafter forum. I'll likely be doing another draft.