Busou Renkin Chronicles

by 478975
busou renkin game,based off the anime!
An Alchemists duty is to protect the world from the inhuman creature known as the humuculous.
A humunculous eats humans and destroys all in it's path. Some rise through the ranks of the LXE. Some go solo and kill and eat alchemist and humans alike.

You Choose your path.

special thanks to all hosts,players,and anyone who is or ever will be involved in this game

-Awesome Arena System
-Awesome Intro and Training
-Cool Teams
-Several Different Humunculous Releases
-over 10 busou renkin
-Black Busou Renkin
-shop,lab,armory,retraunt,victors hideout, sewers,LXE HQ, Alchemist HQ
-Cool Blood system
-Several Different Training Levels
-Nice Ranking System
-many missions to accomplish
-Many Humungulous Forms
-Philosopher Shards

I hope you like it