Well i wanted to say that i am not dead, and i am around from time to time, just no where near as regularly as i used to be lol.

I'm doing pretty well really, got a pay rise at work last month, brother got married, my nephew bullies the hell out of me :P and probably a lot of other things i can't remember.


My house
I just recently woke up to a newly fitted swimming pool in my bedroom :O so yeah my room is completely flooded and i wont be able to go back in it for more than 4 weeks!! :(
I even drew a lovely picture of it lol.


I've also been playing some Evil internet game called "Runescape" again!, one of those unique games you end up going back to no matter what! well i have a lovely collection of items at least.


As some fellow Anime fans might know, I'm "quite" keen on my anime.
So i would suggest Sword Art Online which in my opinion.. is a very good Anime set about a futuristic MMORPG where they must complete the game to return to real life, or die in the game and in real life.

Ah, also a brand new season of Gintama is about to start ^^.


While i have not been active, I have still come online 2 or 3 times a week so i haven't been to far away, and i've still been visiting the Byond site to see how things are going.

But yeah i doubt anyone worried, but im sure it'll be nice to hear from some of you again :)

Sooo How is Byond doing these days and how are you doing :D?
The Almighty Teka is here!!! Hip-Hip-Hurrah!
Sword Art Online is awesome
Another MMO Anime? .___. why is everyone stealing my ideas...

BRB, reworking story elements!
lol well thank you Gensis, SAO is a brilliant anime :) i would suggest it to most people the fight scenes are very good, and the story is thoroughly enjoyable - though i bet ill find someone who doesn't agree.

your darling has come home Falcon.
I told you he's alive. Y'all didn't believe me when I said he was busy with his porn on PS3.
Ah, he lives! Happy days are here again! No, but really, glad to hear you're still around. I use to hear about you regularly from various people in my first couple of years on BYOND, and a couple months ago I was reading about that game you were working on; so it has been quite weird not seeing you or hearing anything about you.

You're almost like a part of BYOND, haha.
Toddab.. Where have I seen that name before.. ._.
:D You can thank someone for telling you about Sword Arts.. v.v
Thank you Toddab, Well it is certainly nice hearing that and it's nice to speak with you as well :)

Immeasurable is the man who convinced me to start watching Sword Art Online, though i had seen it, i overlooked it which was a great mistake :)
Teka didn't even mention me, my soul is broken. It's because I don't have an avatar, isn't it.
Yes it would increase the chances of me mentioning you if you had an avatar of a monster atlas. :(

I don't think i'm very familiar with you but nice talking with you :)
Well hello there! :)
Hi :) You seem to be very popular! I doubt you know me so yeah =\ I'm an One Piece fan and yeah i was about to make a Sword Art Online game but i have recived too much no. Still, nice anime :)
In response to Diamond Jozu
Teka was the number 1 benefactor for BYOND for months, maybe even years I think. He's also been among the top ones for a long time, too, so I would imagine a lot of people have contacted him and got to know him a little whenever possible. They use to advertise that list a lot more. It also helps that he's friendly, and his posts are often amusing... Like the dragon drawing battle!

Yeah, it's usually better go with something more original nowadays. Anime games have serious issues to deal with, even when made correctly.
Hey Michael nice to hear from you, i hope you're working on something still?

Well thanks Toddab, I think you hit the nail on the head with that, I would say that's pretty much how i have come to have this popularity or sorts, though i'm not all that special.

ahh i just looked at that dragon topic lol :) It was good :D

Hey Diamond, I do like one piece too, i think the size of it puts most people of as well as a slow first 30 eps, but once you're into a few hundred.. there's no going back.. lol.

But as Toddab said, I don't advise trying to make anime games even if you truly love it, its much better to go for an rpg which harnesses elements of anime which you like. but good luck if you do and i hope it goes well.
I am The Monster Atlas, lord of the slag queen! >:3 I am partially evil with a hint of successful. It's a pleasure to meet you.
In response to Teka123
You're welcome, and yeah I loved it. It was fun seeing all the different pictures, and some of them even looked pretty good. Definitely a great topic.
but once you're into a few hundred.. there's no going back.. lol.

Lol, i must agree. I watched the anime until episode 400. To say the true i prefer reading/watching what the real autor made instead of watching what is made from the animator and not the creator. So start reading One Piece from Chapter 1 and i am already at the timeskip in Punk Hazard Island :) Also nice to meet you!
lol you sound interesting and dangerous Atlas, but very nice :P

Good to hear from you Addmelol, yes storyline purpose and real understanding is nearly always portrayed better in the manga than the anime, though sometimes you need the anime to get a real feel of the fights and some emotion though, but yes i agree Mangas should never be overlooked :)
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