Sword Art Online needs less Gary Stu and more glopping.
The Gary Stu (If im thinking right) makes the anime alot better and more intresting the combine it well with the action.

Alot of animes fail at combining the romance/comedy with the action.
Alot of animes is my favorite alot.
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SuperAntx wrote:
Alot of animes is my favorite alot.

Teka, long time no see!! :D
Nice to see you again Teka. :D
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Teka123 wrote:
Hey Michael nice to hear from you, i hope you're working on something still?

But of-course I am my friend! :) I haven't been on the BYOND website for a long time, aside from a few reads here and there, but I haven't stopped working on my games. Xyberman and I are still working on SDBO. I'll try to get on MSN more often to show you some of it. If I can't get on there, you could always check out my livestream every now and then when you get the chance. Sometimes I record myself working on the game and show some people who are waiting for the release. Add me on skype(Mikeh1128) if you have one, I'm usually online there more than MSN now. Hope to see ya soon Teka! :P
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ImmeasurableHate wrote:
SuperAntx wrote:
Alot of animes is my favorite alot.


Think he's pointing out that "alot" is a misspelling of "a lot".


Also, just watched a "boss battle" from that Sword Art Online anime and it looks fun. It was hilarious watching the guy in black ( can't remember his name ) open up an inventory screen in order to activate a skill. My mind was just blown.
Aww sorry Nnaaaahh I guess my memory is dreadful, Thanks lionz I don't think I am a very good chosen one lol, Well i know your taste in anime is quite different to mine Ant so I never expected you to enjoy SAO as much as me :P

Thanks Gaara and Bandock it's good to hear from you guys :)

Nice Michael I thought that would be dead by now so that's brilliant news lol :) and i want to test itt :O
Lol ET yeah its quite cool seeing option menus etc in the anime.
Sorry for the late reply, Teka! I'm about to go to school in 8 minutes so I'll just say it quick and simple:

Welcome back! We missed ya, buddy!

Are you going to make any games while you're back?
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MDC wrote:
Well hello there! :)

Lol, You're alive too! :o

And hello there Teka
Hey Iobject :) thank you, Well i decided to write this post because i got flooded with messages on MSN with people thinking i had died lol.

So i don't really plan on getting much more involved with the software at the moment, So there is no plans to work on anything i'm afraid :O

lol Hey Productions :), It does seem like its been quite a few months since MDC left any comments on the site, so its nice to see he replied to my topic <3
Teka, how come you have been to busy to come to my birthday party? :/
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I wasn't aware of this! i swear no one told me :(

But work, life and more work can really get on top of a person like myself meaning even coming on the net looses its value while you could be with your mates or down the pub or relaxing and even sleeping.. so i'm afraid i have terrible excuses. but i just didn't know :(
You stink... I text you about 4 weeks ago and still not got a reply. Oh and "Spider girl", wtf? Stop watching weird anime on netflix before I have words with your parents (I gots an email saying you'd watched it).
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lol hey Liam, ah damn sorry :( and it was for my nephew :O honestly, i would never usually watch weird things :D lol

Don't tell my parents :(
This is a hot topic now.
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Teka123 wrote:
Well i know your taste in anime is quite different to mine Ant so I never expected you to enjoy SAO as much as me :P

It's not so much that I don't enjoy watching it, I just do for probably different reasons. The LN it's being adapted from is bad, I mean really bad.

My pick would have to be Space Bros because it feels so moon.
Lol atlas it is :o

Hmm nice Ant I did hear some good things for space bros, should I give it a try :)?
It's probably too boring for you, but Mutta is an awesome character.
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