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That's why you practice with Angel Falls! ;)
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+1 I don't know why, but there was something really appealing about Angel Falls. I think it would be worth getting it ready for release at the very least. You can decide about further updating it or not after that.
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The Evil Marik wrote:
One reason i hate anime Dragonball z it was fine GT stunk they shouldve ended in cell saga.

Avatar - Ugh i love the original characters

Pokemon - First Generation

Bakugan - Dont care

Other Anime - dont care

What you listed I don't even think is anime, except for pokemon.

Lol, you don't seem to know that the GT series isn't really Dragonball Z, it wasn't made by the original Author and is just a spinoff essentially. So, it did end in the Cell Saga, technically. Watch Dragonball Kai, that is a remake that does end in the cell saga and apparently completely removes the buu saga due to plotholes (they also clean up a lot of the stare offs and wasted air time).

The only anime that I know of, and I don't watch all of them out there so I only know of classic ones, that has killed off it's main character is Cowboy Bebop.
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I'm a forum mod o.o too! Are you accusing me of siding with the devil T_T

I pretty much agree with what your views, Kai did a good job on removing fillers and dragged out scenes, i just hoped the animation would have been improved more than it was :) Cowboy Bebop is one of those Anime which everyone's supposed to watch in their lifetime :P
o.o Sorry to hear about your house bro. Oh well, at least you get to have some free time I guess. xD
Aww Thanks Ussj cat :P

Gary Stu or not, it was still Fun and ... in my opinion awesome to see him be as flawless as he is lol, especially when he does a flash step next. Thank you for the image ant ;)

Kirito the Cheater, No longer the Beater.
am your father.
I would just like to point out right now, that you my good sir are without a doubt, most defiantly a cruciferous vegetable. Good day to you.
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Hey Jonaz! nice to hear from you again :), But i do not understand your meaning other than i am healthy :O? lol and good for people :P?
What art were you after from me again?
im out of state x.x it sucks... but glad your back mate
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