True, when i saw Ace's death in the Manga i wasn't feeling any emotion but when i saw the anime i was just about to cry. But when you watch it few times, you get use to it. :3
only anime that ever made me shed a tear was Angel Beats..
Teka123 wrote:
As some fellow Anime fans might know, I'm "quite" keen on my anime.
So i would suggest Sword Art Online which in my opinion.. is a very good Anime set about a futuristic MMORPG where they must complete the game to return to real life, or die in the game and in real life.

Soo....Ever heard of .Hack?
Yeah i've seen all of the .hack series :) SAO is similar but very different and the animation is newer and spectacular :)

Lol this became an anime topic, what about... poor Teka has a swimming pool in his bedroom and probably got some of his stuff ruined by the water and has to sleep somewhere else :O :P just kidding :)
In response to Teka123
Oh please, my living room was flooded for awhile when my old fish tank busted. Half those fish died! I don't see anyone dead in that picture of yours!
Nice to meeet you Nnaaaahh, you are nice and blunt, I am lucky really :) though i'm sure some spiders were distressed in the process :P.

Anyway if you did like .Hack, you are likely to like SAO too :)
Me, Hano Hana. Some anime such as Angel Beats and One Piece almost did.

-Talking to Immeasurable Hate.
In response to Teka123
Let them drown. Drown all those 8-legged little freaks. I hate spiders <.< It does suck about your room, but I bet you'll make sure everything is much stronger now. Your house can be like a Saiyan, it gets beat down, then it comes back stronger than ever!

Haha, just keeping up with the anime bit... Hm, .hack was cool, but only saw a bit of the twilight bracelet anime. I did not like the PS 2 game much either.
lol yeah you're right i've got plenty of digging to do.. ill install a pump towards the back of the house which ill have to dig pretty deep down, i cant afford to get it tanked properly and my house is on a hill so getting it tanked would be a real hassle.
so ill have to re-cement part of the wall put down a water proof lining and dig a whole to fit an automatic pump, though it's likely going to still cause some dampness over the years but ill get to that later lol

I have never played any of the actual .Hack games either, just seen the anime. As i have seen a lot of Anime.
Yes kamina's ... did make me cry too :P TTGL is very inspirational :) i thoroughly enjoyed it.
Teka123 wrote:
My house
I just recently woke up to a newly fitted swimming pool in my bedroom :O so yeah my room is completely flooded and i wont be able to go back in it for more than 4 weeks!! :(
I even drew a lovely picture of it lol.

I can really see where you place your attention when you draw. xD

Welcome back! :)
Teka, you should try out Hano Hana: The Flower we saw that day. Really sad anime but the animation is just so great :)
In response to Toddab503
Which one? There were 7. 4 of the orriginal .Hack series, then 3 of the .Hack//G.U. .
In response to Teka123
I would return the pleasentries, but we've met before. I'll give SAO a try some time, though.
In response to NNAAAAHH
PS 2 game wise? The very first game of the .Hack series. Uhh, .Hack Infection? I think was the name.
Lol thanks lige :D, ahh Trueseeker you can indeed lol :P

Hmm ok addmelol ill think about that :O

Oh I thought i had seen that scary squirrel before Nnaaaahh lol This is my anime list well I've only seen a total of 5 . hacks then :O but never played a game :(
In response to Toddab503
I didn't like the orriginal four PS2 games too well myself, the //G.U. trilogy was great though.

[EDIT]To Teka: Nah, I'm pretty sure I had a popo face at the time. And it wasn't on the forums, it was on a game that I'd rather not mention.

I believe the //G.U. Trilogy was based on Roots

OH, I forgot. There are multiple movies based on the //G.U. series, including one that takes the basic story of the trilogy and plays it out in anime form.[END EDIT]
In response to NNAAAAHH
Ah. I figured //G.U. would be the same. I may have to give it a try then.
In response to Toddab503
Key elemtents are still simular, but the gameplay is widely changed with the story. A lot less endless grinding and boring segments of walks. It's in The World R2, the orriginal four took place in just The World.
We have been privileged to hear once more from the almighty chosen one, Teka.

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