Grim Prospects: Classic

by ACWraith
Grim Prospects: Classic
A card battle over mining rights.
After some more feedback, I've uploaded another PDF for the version of Grim Prospects that will be offered at The Game Crafter. Check it out. Am I there yet?

  • A Forfeit Arrow card was added to define and keep track of relationships between players.
  • Player Map cards were added to help players place game cards. One side offers miners placed upside-down and the other doesn't.
  • Game cards have been redesigned with their two purposes separated into two columns. It should allow players to fan their cards left or right to get a rough idea of what they're holding.
  • Ornamental text is now reserved for introductions rather than being mixed throughout the rules.
  • Names have been introduced for all roles and used throughout afterward. Tunnel segments are forfeited to Inheritors and given by Benefactors. When firing miners, players send Loitering Thugs and Loitering Guards. When preparing for battle, players place Employed Thugs and Employed Guards. The discard pile is a stack of Resting Recruits... That one probably wasn't necessary.
  • More details have been added for resolving battles.
  • Discarding has been moved into its own phase to throw less at readers when resolving battles.
  • Various sections have been slightly rephrased.
Thanks for linking game crafter. I was trying to remember the name of that website, but couldn't remember where I saw it or who I had seen mention it.