Mini Golf

by tenkuu
It's miniature golf
Feel free to post suggestions here.

Update: 1/7/04

New version with isometric perspective is in the works with preliminary coding done. This basically amounts to a complete rewrite of the code as the current version code is a complete mess.

Update: 3/28/03

Version 3 is released.
This release contains:

-18 hole course
-Single player mode only. Feel free to host it, but there's no world communication or anything.

Known issues:
-The angled walls that are on some holes work about 90% of the time. I'm still working on getting those just right.
-I need to adjust things so the ball always hits a wall when it's supposed. Currently, you'll notice the ball sneak passed the corner of walls when it shouldn't.

Also, I haven't finished the usual miniature golf "atmosphere" stuff like windmills and other wacky obstacles or sloped terrain, but that'll be for a big update down the road. There's also no sound and the graphics are pretty poor, but just ignore that.