Dragonball GT

by 430957
A Dragonball Z based PvP style rpg [More]

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Date added: Jul 5 2016
Last updated: Jul 10 2016
Last played: Mar 28 2020
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Dragonball GeeTee
By Goku2oo7 & 430957
Level 6: N/A
Level 5: Byakurai(Monterey56)
Level 4: God Shomai(Slayer86)
Level 3: N/A
Level 2: N/a
Level 1: N/A
Game Rules:
1 - Don't Ask For GM.
2 - Don't Abuse Bugs.
3 - Don't Disrespect Players or GM's.
4 - Don't Act Stupid Or Immature.
5 - Don't Advertise Other Games.
6 - Don't Change Your Font Size.
7 - Don't Flood OOC.
8 - No Invisible/Misleading/Offensive/Translucent Icons.
9 - Don't Spam Kill. - Killing Someone 3 Times In 10 Mins -
10 - Don't Mute Avoid Or Ban Avoid.
11 - Don't Death Avoid.
12 - There Are Other Rules Set In Place By Admins.


XxSeanxX18: (Jul 16 2016, 4:25 pm)
Just started to play this game today and got a few competitive players at the same time. I'd love to keep playing this game. if needed i will host if the shell is down. Message me back gentlemen, that is if you are interested in keeping this game up and running for a fan base.