by Xirre | Tuesday
A study application.
A tactical RPG set in a world governed by magic.
An experimental action shooter for the masses!
Dreams are manifestations of one's mind. Reality are manifestations of one's actions. Face Dreams and Reality To Where ...
An enforced roleplaying game, set in a mystical world filled with Magic.
by Twaon | Feb 6
A turn based adventure game.
by Yut Put | Feb 2
Tags: building
Discover who truly is the Lord of the Bugs in this extremely deep and immersive sandbox role-playing game.
by IchiroKeisuke | Jan 24
In-Development, A 2D Sengoku era RPG
by Phat T | Jan 22
Tags: action, pvp, rpg
Real time combat, frequent updates, and more!
Dodge the firing squad's bullets and step your way into history!
Galaxy Online is a simplistic, fun, action/adventure rpg game.
by DanteVFenris | Jan 15
2d MMORPG legacy of goku/ zelda inspired
by Gyro Gun | Jan 8
Let's have fun! An Icon-Trade style game with minigames,roleplaying and socializing.
by Lugia319 | Jan 4
An isometric survival game
by Manio | Jan 4
Tags: arcade, pvp
Arena style combat with really, really drunk Wizards.
by JustinOreo | Dec 27 2014
Icon trading and exchange
by Yut Put | Dec 27 2014
Tags: action, moba, rpg
Outplay your friends in this traditional MOBA set in the universe of Epic.
by Yut Put | Dec 27 2014
Tags: shooter
A hectic shooter where you scramble to grab a gun and avoid being shot in fun, fast-paced rounds!
by Yut Put | Dec 27 2014
Tags: action, racing, rpg
The sequel to Footrace, an epic battle between powerful Champions over the coveted Holy Grail!
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