A game made in 96 hours
Game Jam 2023 entry
A roguelite made in 96 hours for BYONDJam2K23
A fantasy Roleplaying Game with table-top inspired mechanics, and over 28+ different classes.
by Obvious9 | Jan 15
Tags: sidescroller
Take control of a determined cat climbing up to the best napping spot.
by Obvious9 | Jan 14
Tags: arcade, pvp
An arcade-style naval battle game.
by Obvious9 | Jan 14
Challenge over 1,000+ programmatically generated dungeons in this 2D online RPG, inspired by classic mythology & other ...
by Gargamen | Oct 13 2022
Tags: adventure, pvp, rpg
A Semi realistic adventure, pvp, rpg game about islands and treasures.
A small one player game I created in about ten days
by Floosh | Jul 13 2022
Tags: rpg, turn-based
This is the official version of DWQ, updated!
Avoid other cats while collecting coins to reach the end of the level!
by Magicbeast20 | May 8 2022
Fight alone or with your friends against a never ending army of infected. Can you survive?
Full roleplay with an ever-changing setting that mixes anime with various fantasy sub-genres.
by Lawpiecla1 | Mar 4 2022
Melee might not be the right word, come to think of it...
A cultivation game where players seek to obtain the power to rival the Gods.
Monster-catching, real-time battle, interesting AI & Online Adventure.
AIChat also known as AdamAI Version 5 Interfaceless
experience a taste of the next generation of BYOND's finest action game!
A roleplay RPG based in the life of Law and Crime.
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