Reestruturação do melhor jogo de Naruto Brasil, atualizações semanais, venha se divertir!!!
Online Pokemon world where you control the Pokemon instead of turn-based battles.
The reality as we known it has been destoryed and the new heros have emerged from the darkness, Embrace your destiny and ...
Come have some fun!
A fan inspired online game based on the Naruto Universe.
Make your own text-based roleplay!
Lets mingle! Talk and build! Roleplay! SO many options!
The GOA Rip to rule all GOA Rips
Feudal RP like never before.
Multiple Anime fight against each other, shit goes down. Bleach Naruto DragonBall Z Fairy Tail One Piece DBZ
Final Fight is a huge open world full of high paced combat and much to explore! Become a shinobi and complete your ...
Join this wonderful Roleplaying Game unlike any other. The best merge of existing Features and on top totally new ones ...
Universe role playing game
by Vegetto7 | Sep 5 2020
Tags: anime
Inspired by Dragonball Gekisen, Epic Universe, & Xenoverse
by ScrewyParasite | Jun 22 2020
Shinobi of Myth (SoM/SoL) is a Ninja MMORPG. Set on an expansive map, players can train their characters to match their ...
A fantasy roleplay/pvp game based on the Narutoverse.
Will you be overrun... Or overcome...?
A new, open source anime vidya solution.
Explore uncharted seas like never before.
by Crimson Slayer | Mar 23 2019
Ruination, a multiplayer action rpg that's updated regularly with the community's contribution.
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