by ACWraith
A destructive race in space with simultaneous turns. [More]

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StarScurrier is a board game in development which will also be offered through The Game Crafter.

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Up to four pilots shall compete in a race through space. There are two possible goals:
  • Complete and survive enough laps to win the race.
  • Make sure all other ships are destroyed.

Play follows a cycle of the following phases:
  1. Move: (Simultaneous) Each ship will generate energy that is diverted to its engines. Ships may spend this energy to move. Contracted workers can be placed before leaving. Ships that have passed all checkpoints (in any order) will have completed a lap. Ships that don't move at all must give half of their energy to their sector as rent.
  2. Manage Sectors: (Asynchronous) Contracted Assassins can kill opposing workers within their sector. Contracted Administrators can transfer ally workers between their sector and neighboring sectors.
  3. Survive: (Simultaneous) All remaining energy will be diverted to weapons and shields. Ships can spend energy to attack each other. At the end of this phase, ships with negative energy are eliminated from the game. A surviving ship with enough laps will win the race.
  4. Trade: (Asynchronous) All remaining energy will be sold for credits. Credits can be spent to purchase any contracts available in a ship's current sector. Likewise, stored contracts can be sold.