Closed Quarters

Closed Quarters
You know it's coming. You dread the moment. Worst thing is, there is nothing you can do about it. Come and join in the fun as you attempt to survive in "Closed Quarters". See inside for more information. [More]

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Version 2.1 BETA
Date added: Jan 9 2007
Last updated: Apr 8 2007
Last played: Feb 2 2016
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"You know it's coming. You dread the moment. Worst thing is, there is nothing you can do about it"

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Welcome to a game that seats you in "Closed Quarters". This game is an original game based off the events in old adventure movies, where the hero would be trapped between walls with spikes that would slowly edge towards him. He would always escape, though this is not the case in this game.

You will be encapulated and addicted to this game due to it's stunning gameplay. Some of the features you will witness are:

  • Two modes, Team Survivor, and Survivor.
  • A variety of tools, including the power drill, supports and detonation pack
  • A varietly of random events, including a flood, fire and explosion
  • A selection of cloths for the rich people.
  • Intelligent AI that play with you and taunt you
  • Loads of special effects and sound effects
  • An addicting and encapsulating game which will take you off your seat into a world that shows no mercy.

For more updates visit the 2.0 BETA Announcment. Remember to register while you are there.

So don't wait for your friend to tell you about this amazing game. Try it yourself today.

Register on the forums today to furthur support the game. If you need help, click on the info button up the top. Remember, if you liked this game, please rank it to furthur my motivation.

I have recently continued work on this game, so be prepared for upgrades in the near future. To stay updated, register on the forums.

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