Dream Shining Character Revamp

by Acebloke
Dream Shining Character Revamp
DSC revamped [More]

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Date added: Apr 28 2005
Last updated: Nov 23 2008
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Dream Shining Character, a rpg you might have played sometime in the last 2 years, is going through a revamp.

Special thanks to my now ex girlfriend, Zeen for doing all of DSC's new graphics ( with the exception of the odd one done by me for hud ), which are spiffingly good and much better than what I could do, and of course: no ripped graphics.

How this goes on though, I don't know. We decided that we would continue at some point, but then we are still pretty pissed off with each other. I'd say its back on hold again.

Changes from Old DSC:

1) New graphics, completely new ! No rips, created by Zeen18.
2) Doors and Gates open as you pass through !
3) All new bar to hang out and be afk in !
4) Variation of colours of terrain, no longer hurts your eyes for seeing the same thing over and over again !
5) Can now go behind walls and peek inside windows !
6) NPC's move !
7) Mess around with the environment ! Chase pigeons around !
8) Order drinks from the bar !
9) NPC messages on screen, leaving chat npc-message-free !
10) View Status on screen !
11) Each character has an avatar !
12) New battlesystem, feels and looks good !
13) Battlesystem is active, giving more thrilling play !
14) Mulitple enemies in battle !
15) Battle enviroment changes every time so you dont have to stare at repetitive battle arenas !
16) New Defend command saves your skin when you need it !
17) Status screen shows all your juicy stats !