Bleach: Ketzuken 2

by Adamus1115
Bleach: Ketzuken 2
Bleach inspired with Ketzuken, many original features, update log on hub. [More]

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Version 2
Date added: Aug 30 2010
Last updated: May 24 2014
Last played: Sep 26 2016
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Bleach Short Description: Game based on ideas from Bleach Ketzuken. Many new features, great PVP and PVE game.

Bleach Update Log:

Update v1

- New stat system - for killing Mobs and Log training you gaining points.
- NPC Points Distributer - 10stats per 1 point HP and Rei, 3stats per 1 point in str, def, rei power.
- Added Full Hollow Form - 3x str and def, Reqs are kills and mask time.
- Redone Hollow stats.
- Added Sword Mastery Place - Entrance is located in shini academy.
- Fixed some bugs.
- Added new boost for zaraki - only in bankai he can use both hands to double his power, but he need kills for it also.
- Added custom zan Fire Dragon with 1 move in shikai and 1 move in bankai.
- Added custom zan Sword Master
- Added Rage mode for Ichigo - it 2x his str but also you need kills

Update v2

- New moves for zaraki,
- New move for hitsugaya,
- New move for urahara,
- New move for yamamoto
- Espada can summon arrancar mobs
- Captains can summon shinigami mobs
- Added 2 new custom zans Fire Dragon and Cero Master with some techs
- Fixed some bugs

Update v3

- Reedited some moves, now you need Battle Experience to use some moves
- Fixed bug with no dieing
- Added new hud buttons
- Delete Kills/Deaths
- Added Battle Experience(thats needed for some moves)

Update v4

- Added new mission system with NPC and rewards in points for completing.
- Added character creation npcs and place.
- Re-done mobs - they giving now less points
- Cap have been raised to 80k all stats except HP and Rei this two dont have cap
- Fixed mobs dmg, now they don't do enourmous dmg.
- New Rukia Technique.
- New Renji Technique.
- New Zaraki Technique.
- New Kira Technique.
- Added Barragan Release.
- Added one technique for Barragan.
- Added Harribel Release.
- Added 4 techniques for Harribel.
- Re-editet Ichinose Ligh Strike(it's stronger).
- New Ichimaru Technique.
- New Mayuri Technique - He can summon killed arrancars.
- Fixed Starks Wolf Cero, now it don't drain to negative Rei.
- New Ikkakus Technique with stun effect.
- New Yumichika Technique.
- Added New Rudobane Release(right now without icon).
- New Technique for Rudobane.
- Added Menos Forest

Update v5

- New Bounto Technique.
- New Skin,
- Stats on skin,
- HP and Rei bars,
- unexpected virus on mapper computer deleted new map,
- new icons,
- New Hollow Forest
- Point Bonuses for reaching certain level.
- More Points for Level.
- Rei Power now is boostable.
- For being a certain race you get point bonus.
- New Komamura Attack.
- New Hisagi Attack.
- 2 New Inoue Techniques.
- Quincy have rei boost.
- Some zans have rei boost too.

Update v6

- skills based on attack power will take now users health instead of reiatsu
- remade binding spells, now they more rely on rei power
- Added 1 new binding spell for shinigami
- Added 1 new Arrancar skill
- Added skill shop
- Added 1 new vaizard skill
- Added 2 new kidou
- Help Button added
- Limit Release for captains and Lieutanants added
- fixed few bugs.
- remade Supreme Cero
- New skin pannels -done
- You can now shunpo and fire rei attacks at the same time
- some points or skill level to learn them

Update v7

- resurection second stage - strenght of bankai + limit release -done- level 400;
- all shini have limit release, level 400;
- limit release dont depend on time now;
- inoue, sado, weaponist can now see others;
- self heal tech for arrancars on ressurection secound stage;
- fix button added - fix missions and icon problems, also teleports you to hospital;
- bug report button added;
- added new arrancar, espada cero, only available on ressurection second stage - level 500;
- lowered cost of full vaizard to 100k health and 200k rei;
- when bounto use seal release they regain health a lot faster but looses rei;
- fixed learning inoue attacks;

Bleach v8 Host Files

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