Dragonball: FreedomFighters 2

by Adamus1115
Dragonball: FreedomFighters 2
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Date added: Aug 2 2007
Last updated: Jul 26 2008
Last played: Oct 16 2007
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Finnaly Open

Finnaly open test play and have fun

Remember to register on forum beacuse we want to know what do you think about some changes.

We are currently made next version of our great game. There are fixed all bugs from first version. Please Rank, register on forum.


-new map

-new transformations for saiyan:

-added legend

-added kai

-added bojack

-added dragon

-added new skin

-fixed legend leveling

- 5 new transforms for Human

- 7 new transforms for Tuffle

-added new technique:
Space-now you don't have to use space pod

-added leaders of all races



We decided that all race will have their Leader like in bleach games so play and be the best in you're race.

Saiyan Leader:

Human Leader:

Namek Leader:

Majin Leader:

Half-Saiyan Leader:

Changling Leader:

Tuffle Leader:

BioAndroid Leader:

Demon Leader:

Android Leader:

Kai Leader:

Legend Leader:

Bojack Leader:

Dragon Leader:

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Have fun in
Dragon Ball Freedom Figters 2 ;)
Freedom Fighters Team
Owner/Programmer Adamus
CO-Owner/Mapper/Iconner Kyo1
HAVE FUN!!!!!!