dbz gt oblivion 3

by Alex11234242
dbz gt oblivion 3
uprading every day looking for some help completely brilliant come and take a shot looking for a host with good connection and a new coder if you can do any of these things email me at [email protected] [More]

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Date added: Jun 15 2007
Last updated: Jun 29 2007
Last played: Sep 28 2007
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owner's:alex11234242 or sky rider ingame recio or nl

check out the new version testing on wednesday and thursday (wednesday night)

heres link:http://games.byond.com/hub/Alex11234242/ dragonballzgtoblivion3.5

co owner:halfie

head admin:hero
lvl 3:adimiaru

this is my first game all the gms are nice even more me and nl we dont abuse theres no bugs so come and play!

mega rules:dont disrespect nl or me

admin rules:no editing no booting or banning for no reason
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come on and have a go were friendly boosts are amazing best wishes hope to see ya ingame
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