Pokemon Origins

by Alexander08
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Date added: Oct 27 2013
Last updated: Jun 26
Last played: Jun 22
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A Pokemon Game with an original overworld battle system, and many automated features. [More]

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Explore a brand new Pokemon Region, Joleon. In it are trainers itching to battle, wild Pokemon are waiting to be caught, and one question will always be asked.

"Do I have what it takes, to be a Pokemon Master?"

Pokemon Origins offers complex overworld battle system different from any other Pokemon game provided on BYOND. With a blooming community, and a constantly active developing team, and multiple features that diffrentiate itself as an original Pokemon game, satisfation is gauranteed.


- NPC Trainers
- 251 Pokemon Species
- A Developing Storyline
- A unique Quest system
- Automated Contest System
- And much more...



Supangan: (12:33 am)
heard stuff bout the host not there and updates, just wondering whats going on.
XxSnazzyxX: (Yesterday, 11:32 pm)
Supangan did you not just read what richie said?
Supangan: (Yesterday, 11:28 pm)
status of the game?
Richie100: (Jul 24, 1:58 pm)
The game has been down for my own personal reasons. However, things have cleared up, so the game should be up soon.
ZeroXDX: (Jul 21, 5:58 pm)
I received a message from Lwo today. The game is down for personal reasons. Idk when or if the game will be back but Lwo seemed to be okay. Thought I would pass on the info for anyone waiting.