Pokemon Origins

by Alexander08
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Date added: Oct 27 2013
Last updated: Jun 26
Last played: Jun 22
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A Pokemon Game with an original overworld battle system, and many automated features. [More]

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Only Windows users can play this game. If you have an emulator, you can join the waiting list to be informed when a new server is ready to play.

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Explore a brand new Pokemon Region, Joleon. In it are trainers itching to battle, wild Pokemon are waiting to be caught, and one question will always be asked.

"Do I have what it takes, to be a Pokemon Master?"

Pokemon Origins offers complex overworld battle system different from any other Pokemon game provided on BYOND. With a blooming community, and a constantly active developing team, and multiple features that diffrentiate itself as an original Pokemon game, satisfation is gauranteed.


- NPC Trainers
- 251 Pokemon Species
- A Developing Storyline
- A unique Quest system
- Automated Contest System
- And much more...



ZeroXDX: (Yesterday, 5:58 pm)
I received a message from Lwo today. The game is down for personal reasons. Idk when or if the game will be back but Lwo seemed to be okay. Thought I would pass on the info for anyone waiting.
EpicFableDiamond: (Yesterday, 2:42 pm)
Yall need to chill when the game goes up it goes up, you never know something may have came up so thats why they cant put it up just yet just wait
Supangan: (Sunday, 2:29 pm)
i got bloggers, lojx and alexander key. sent them message spam , but they dont respond
XxSnazzyxX: (Sunday, 1:12 pm)
im getting so bored of nff
XxSnazzyxX: (Sunday, 1:11 pm)
Mute me