Ikou Era Classic

by AllSmiles

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Date added: Mar 22 2010
Last updated: Jan 17
Last played: Jun 15
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Ikou Era Classic
Live and feel feudal Japan. [More]

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Live your days through in 16th-17th century Japan; become a power-hungry gangster, take over distant islands in the name of your family, or become a modest fisherman. The horizon is your limit!

Created By AllSmiles
Coding By Ninjafro

Cool Cat 1 - Ninjafro
Cool Cat 2 - Mart AKA the Mardi Gras Harlot

Past Iconners: Ironjitsu

Past Coders: FokUz, ABK is Awesome, Ryim and Mugen234.

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Dbzman12346: (Jul 14, 8:50 am)
Please put this game back up!
PepDJ: (Apr 3, 11:15 am)
C'mon, AllSmiles! Just turn this game on already :D I want to play it, since I never did and I probably lost a really good moment.
Rambardl: (Feb 28, 3:26 pm)
You have no idea how much I miss this game.
NotCoolBro: (Jan 2, 1:33 pm)
The game is back !
Finally ;-;
Yogripper: (Nov 7 2013, 11:19 am)
So um....what random ass moment is this game gonna be back up? Tell me now please, so I can actually play it longer before it disappears again.