Dark Apocalypse

by All Star BANG
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Version 6.28
Date added: Jan 11 2008
Last updated: Sep 28 2014
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Special Thanks:

Great Mil3nco- For inspiration on the 6.21 Updates.

Shadow Karoth- For support across several updates in version 6.


February 15, 2014

Behold, the only living zeta-based game that is being improved uppon instead of just having random libraries and various ripped material jammed in. Bug fixes, feature inclusions, actual programming.



Note: Only staff involved in Sketh's source and earlier are listed. Any staff from any other variations to the DA source, based off the Zeta source, are NOT listed.

Owner: All Star(Theonethegame), Arch(Archfiend Master), Sketh(NNAAAAHH)

Programmer: Sketh(NNAAAAHH)

Mapper: Sketh(NNAAAAHH)

Iconner: Sketh(NNAAAAHH), Donated Icons

Old Iconner(s): Keeyo, Elite Shadow, Xblackwindx, Naruto45red

Old Mapper(s): Theonethegame

Old programmer(s): Theonethegame

All Host of All Time: Gamemaster3, Dandanlol, Brendan.rocks, Jayanth,
Wikinobu, Alihafezi, Weske_o4o, 1broly1, Fiend-King, Jack0, Domnic, Freshprincethefirst, Crazykane2006, Gif200, FireBall2007, JMayhem, Dark Clown Ardilla, Ijra10 & Halohater & March23 & Legoman11234 & Vigeto2, LightningNinja91, Felipe_allan, Froogiez, BlazeX314, NNAAAAHH, Readingdrummer123, Public Hosting and many more that I may have forgot (I'm sorry about that).

Basic Rules


-You CANNOT disrespect administration. Report issues with administration on the forums.
-Don't spam text chats.
-Don't ask for free GM.
-Don't ask for a Boost/Edit. -This includes absorbs.
-Don't complain about deaths. Use the Safe Zone if you want to avoid combat.
-Don't abuse game bugs. Report all bugs found on the forum.
-Don't ask administration for anything you can obtain yourself.
-NO drawing attention to other byond games.
-No posting any kind of Mature/Pornographic content in the game.
-Keep caps(shift/uppercase letters) to a reasonable amount, don't use them for everything.
And remember: Stupidity IS punishable.

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Well there are many people that need to be credited.If I miss anyone or anything I'm sorry. Well let me start.

1.This game old staff from another game which was Jose SN,Btalboy,EBOK,AntiVigor,Sicafoose,Slayer 200,Hawk Dragonhart,SSJ2 Vegtio,Tinzo,Kidus,Dragon45,Kenny1256,Real-Nyhomeboy14,DarkB lademaster,Jurell,JayDee09,Someone.(I dont know if this was a staff but I found these names in the coding)

2.All the people of gave me the icons to add to this game which was,Naruto45red,Keeyo,Xblackwindx,Hosaka,Azap,Legoman11234,S artorius2469,
Sempaialexeo,Admiral Buttercrust,Calledopj,Pyroman43,Kaiax,Jordank08.

3.I used the say text bubble from Shadowdarke.
4.Most importantly all the players. Without you this game is nothing. Thank You ^^.
5. Well this is the history of the source to all the way to the first version of DA. I have no idea if this is true or not. But this is what Gochels said so if you have beef take it with him. He said this "It's common sense that Rebirth and Elysium were both rips so im going to explain this to you. Dracon and Raekwon made DB Zeta, which later leaked because of Dracon wanting to discontinue the game. Soon floods of zeta rips spammed across BYOND (even the grand Masterdan was associated with this). Next a man known as Kujika ripped Zeta and made a game known as DB Majins and Mystics which was very successful i know add to a certain extent. Some time later down a couple of people named Shades and Hant Teath (there are other contributors to this part from forming Zeta into Elysium but they are unimportant for me to name at the time being) ripped Majins and Mystics thus forming DB Elysium. Yet again sometime later this team fell apart thus leading to a wipe spread of Elysium Rips. Soon after Hant Teath decided to take over the game with his poor programming skills, scratch that out, poor all around skills to make a game. He basicly took the Elysium source renamed it into Elysium (thus ripping it) re-mapped the game and adding some very sloppy programming to it. Soon after this Hant Teath got tired of not being able to properly make a stable game and abandoned Rebirth and decided to release the source. Then again some time down the line the people on your HUB decided to rip Rebirth thus making Rebirth Revised."

Video on Youtube

Many ppl has made videos on Youtube. Some are cool some are crap,and some is funny. But I'll post the links for you to check them out.





More Info

Sticky: DA: What's Next? by NNAAAAHH
11/28/2013 (28/11/2013) Event! by NNAAAAHH
Sticky: Host Files by NNAAAAHH
Sticky: Unban Plea by NNAAAAHH


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NNAAAAHH: (May 11 2014, 4:06 pm)
Or, y'know; make a report.
Engivale: (May 10 2014, 4:09 pm)
NEED HELP in game. Myself and a few others for some reason are not able to transform anymore. I also know of a few other bugs that need to be fixed as well, just contact me asap!
Cspsupersjj: (Apr 20 2014, 10:41 am)
I seriously need someone to unjail me! I have been jailed for two years,I think they forgot about me...Someone please unjail me...
Marksman: (Feb 9 2014, 11:02 am)
Hey guys, I'll be hosting 24/7. games updated, HUB's being weird sometimes; and is taking a long time to post the server after restart so the server IP is

AJJohnson1776: (Jan 3 2014, 2:37 pm)
what happened to all the players the last time i was on byond you all were a top game.