RP Unlimited

by AnthonyHawkina
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To download this game for your Linux/Mac installation, enter this on your command line:

DreamDownload byond://AnthonyHawkina.RPUnlimited##version=76

Emulator users, in the BYOND pager go to File | Open Location and enter this URL:


Date added: Dec 28 2009
Last updated: Yesterday
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RP Unlimited
Come create or join various Role-playing worlds, in this versatile and secure system. [More]

11 Games Live!

Only Windows users can play this game. If you are using an emulator, enter the URL for the game in File | Open Location on your BYOND pager menu.

byond://BYOND.world.132280942 [(RPU V2.0.12B) - Naruto: Shinobi Chronicles -]
Hosted by Drew1024

Logged in: 10 players [See list]
byond://BYOND.world.1087386858 [(RPU V2.0.12.1B) - Aeternus Chronica: Tenebra Historia (Over 500 playable species. Always welcoming new players.(Music Warning)) -]

Logged in: 9 players [See list]
byond://BYOND.world.1091395108 [(RPU V2.0.12B) - Freeform RP -]
Hosted by Gay Day in the USA

Logged in: 8 players [See list]
byond://BYOND.world.237361396 [(RPU V2.0.11.2B) - Dying Earth -]
Hosted by KiritoxXx

Logged in: 3 players [See list]
byond://BYOND.world.1036797406 [(RPU V2.0.11B) - Magic! School! Romance! Exclamation points!!! The remake! -]
Hosted by Taroji

Logged in: 4 players [See list]
byond://BYOND.world.1190970113 [(RPU V2.0.12.1B)(Open) - Fantasy Tail: Furry RP -]
Hosted by Sonnet Raven

Logged in: 2 players [See list]
byond://BYOND.world.115850903 [(RPU V2.0.12B)(Password) - Freeform Roleplay -]

Logged in: 1 player [See list]
byond://BYOND.world.1700092934 [(RPU V2.0.12B) - Freeform RP -]
Hosted by Fieryfox

No players.
byond://BYOND.world.86283014 [(RPU V2.0.12B) - Freeform RP -]

No players.
byond://BYOND.world.408202290 [(RPU V2.0.12B) - Freeform RP -]

No players.
byond://BYOND.world.2058869336 [(RPU V2.0.12B) - Era of Darkness (Modern Fantasy Post-Apocalyptic RP) -]
Hosted by Fightglory

No players.

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Only Windows users can play this game. If you have an emulator, you can join the waiting list to be informed when a new server is ready to play.

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What is RP Unlimited?

Welcome to RP Unlimited, Where you Imagination take root into worlds of
Fantasy. This is a text based system that lets you design a setting, a world, as
you want it to display to the community of Byond. Using tools and your own
imagination this opens the door for everything from Freeform open role-playing
where anything goes to more set and complex table top gaming. Trying to open the
door for most users but having a system to let guest come into view your stories
before taking part in them. Trying to offer a more secure environment for hosts
and players to enjoy there story.

So what does RP Unlimited offer?
  • A hierarchy of administrative levels: This lets you as host set up who you want to run what.
  • Split Sections: Keeps the out of character and in character content separate to make it easier top focus.
  • Music Sharing: Use the Jukebox tool to bring sound to your world and share music in play list fashion.
  • GM Tools: This lets you make Dice Rolls, and other tool uses with out should the server. This can be used to help you set up the story with out the whole world knowing.
  • Player Commands: Keeping spam down in character with giving special commands only to those playing on your server, like posting in character, use of tools like Dice, a Timer, Voting, and Playing Music.
  • Multiple Characters: This lets you as a Player use more then one character with a multiple character assignment, each acting and able to be used like your default character.
  • File Sending and Picture Sharing: Designed to let you keep in touch with those on the server and keep them up to date, this also lets you send images to the whole server if sharing maps or those creations, or if needed a single image to another user to show stuff with out everyone seeing it.
  • Integrated Help Guide: Having trouble understanding the system this will help you learn the commands.
  • And much more...

So come join us as part of RP Unlimited. Either enjoy the servers already
being hosted or share you own ideas and dreams with us. Thank you, for looking
into the system and I hope you enjoy it.


RP Unlimited share features basic characters, PCs & NPCs for more in-game control on per-character approval, derivatives for different image versions of the same character, and for the first time ever in a RPU system sorting & auto-sorting, as well as character groups to logically group characters together!

Have a built-in logging system that allows players to select the date of previous logs to the very beginning of time itself, without clogging the server with excessive use of memory as for each player they only load one date's worth of logs at a time! Face icons show up correctly for your IC posts and Omitted posts as well. Manage each of individual dates through the logical file system that easily allows you to delete both only a day's worth of logs as well as an entire month's, without interfering with the server while it's even running.

In replace of the previous Primary Character, there's now a more dynamic Active Character that allows you to switch between different characters on your list, in order to have quick commands and button for a character you use at a particular time more than others.

With the new WhisperBox system, you can privately chat with other players without missing the posts in the OOC Window.

As per requested as well, a new Looking for RP status pings you whenever a post is made publicly to the IC Window to let you know when there's activity going on in the RP.

There is no longer a worry about resizing images to meet the 50.1 KiB cap placed on the FIs (Face Icons), as when you upload one it automatically scales down (or up if smaller) to the 50x50 proportions that RPU uses. Even when you upload a 5 MiB picture, it'll be saved likely as low as 5 KiB on your save file, saving the toll even moreso than the former cap for the server and other players loading your character list!
Note: Temporarily disabled due to a cache error.


Please make sure your servers are up to date as they fix past bug problems and other issues.

RP Unlimited v2.0
(AnthonyHawkina, Darth_Chaos7)
+ Room System: The IC system now works with separate rooms that either allows for Personal Rooms, that are limited by the max number of personal rooms a player can make set by a Head Admin, or a GM Room, not governed by this limit. Rooms can be passworded to keep out those from abusing the system, and if passworded can be also set as private (only when passworded as a motivation to abuse this as much) in order for some situations to not be logged by the Log System (see above).

(Darth_Chaos7, AnthonyHawkina, Asellia, Lloyd Ishtar)
+ Map System: A new map system that allows a head administrator to create a world map and add onto the tiles. Players can move around on the map with given markers that they can change the color of. Each tile has a description that can be viewed by double-clicking it, providing relevant information the Head Admin has set for that area. [Due to limitations of Byond for now, however, only one map can be loaded at a time. Even with the library, creating a map with another one having been loaded in the past makes it unable to input less max xs/ys without it still be the same as the previous map's, creating excess tiles.]

* RPU-ES (Core) V2.0: Complete rewrite of the entire game system and code that continues off from RP Unlimited v1.5.4B. The core system has been stripped of the world status tab (event coordinator system, weather system, clock system), NPCs/PCs, primary character, left with one default title background. These systems will still be in the full version of RPU, but not in RPU Lite. RPU-ES (Core) v2.0 and RPU Lite v2.0 are now refined down to a little over 1 MB in resources thanks to this. This also further adds the ability of independence of plugin systems such as the world status system, tools, etc. and any future features. Lastly it adds a more universal core system between RPU, RPU (Customized), RPU Lite, Eternal Saga, etc. for consistency and manageability.
Note: RPU-ES (Core) 2.0 and any games/systems that use this are not backward compatible, and if upgrading to the new Core, it's recommended you manually transfer all world info data instead of copying the saves, and have a temporary server open for players to remember and recreate their character lists. The RPU-ES (Core) development team does not take liability for any problems arising from using outdated save files.
(See the RPU-ES (Core) Change Log for the 99% of the updates and changes, such as the new character systems.)
+ New sorting and auto-sorting commands added for PCs/NPCs built upon the core's sorting systems. PCs can be sorted by name, ID, age, gender, species, height, or weight.
+ PCs/NPCs can now be toggled so that a server can use the basic Characters instead at the disgression of the Host / Head Admin(s). Disabling them changes aspects of the skin, such as the menu, macros, and the buttons.
+ NPCs now also have a full picture value that can be displayed to others by double-clicking on another person's NPC.
+ Approved and unapproved PCs are now differentiated by being on two separate lists in the Players Online tab.
+ The PC System now has a new height/weight system that fixes old height bugs as well as automatically converts to the other units, such as if you input an imperial unit, it'll convert it to SI metric units that'll show up on the character sheet as well. This allows for better international support and so that people no longer have to manually input both values.
+ New settings in the Music System to turn off any future music, change music volume, and enable/disable song repeat.
+ Offsets have been added to the the Tool System, as well as the results display now being more confined and legible on one line.
* NPCs are now only for moderators by default for miscellaneous, most likely nameless characters such as shopkeepers, etc. With the PC System more refined, this allows for a more integrated approval-based system as opposed to just using the forums.

RPU-ES (Core) v2.0
+ Looking for RP status added that makes it so any IC posts within your scope ping for your attention.

(AnthonyHawkina, Darth_Chaos7)
+ Active Character System: Allows for shortcuts to RPing one specific character that may be more often used than others in a given situation. The Active Character panel has a button that can be used for direct access to the characters commands, and its image set to the character's icon. The 'black box' next is a label set for displaying the character's name. The shortcut commands include what was originally the 'primary character', but the main difference being the dynamic ability to switch between active characters.
+ Log System: All components now are logged built-in. Logs are saved with a cache of the icons so that icons used in IC can be seen in the logs; the logs are also saved in the format of [year]-[month]/[year]-[month]-[day] to make simpler to load and for administrators to delete older logs. In the Logs window, you can select the appropriate year, month and day for the for logs. Only the available options will show. You can view the IC, OOC, or both logs in the case of needed context. Login messages won't show on IC so that for those reading back on the IC messages, will only need what's relevant to IC.

(Lloyd Ishtar)
+ New User Guide: A separate guide from the Help Guide has been added as a means to get new players started, whereas the Help Guide will be used more as a detailed reference.

(Lloyd Ishtar, AnthonyHawkina)
+ WhisperBox System: The whisper verb now works as a separate WhisperBox instead of on OOC, making it more intuitive to whisper either people, such as Administrators discussing the approval of characters without wanting it be unnecessarily discussed over OOC.

* Complete rewrite of the entire game system and code that continues off from RP Unlimited v1.5.4B. The core system has been stripped of the world status tab (event coordinator system, weather system, clock system), NPCs/PCs, primary character, and left with one default title background. These systems will still be in the full version of RPU, but not in RPU Lite. RPU-ES (Core) v2.0 and RPU Lite v2.0 are now refined down to a little over 1 MB in resources thanks to this. This also further adds the ability of independence of plugin systems such as the world status system, tools, etc., any future features, and for potential future spin-offs of other outside developers basing upon this core system. Lastly it adds a more universal core system between RPU, RPU (Customized), RPU Lite, Eternal Saga, etc. for consistency, manageability, and importantly portability between bug fixes in the core aspect of the systems itself.
Note: RPU-ES (Core) 2.0 and any games/systems that use this are not backward compatible with RPU 1.5.4B, ES 0.6, etc. & less. If upgrading to the new Core, it's recommended you manually transfer all world info data instead of copying the saves, and have a temporary server open for players to remember and recreate their character lists. The RPU-ES (Core) development team does not take liability for any problems arising from using outdated save files.
Note 2: As of 2.0, the Help Guide has yet to be finished and does not work for the time being.
+ Subscriptions: Now as a means for the community to help with future development and help clean up the game hubs, hosts and servers are now based upon an approval system. For a server to be approved, the host has to be A) A subscriber to the game, B) Given approval by one of the administrators of the game (Hosts can always talk with one of the administrators who will be glad to help on this), or C) One of the developers to the game.
+ Shell servers can now be easier to use if a game administrator uses the approve server command, allowing the person to log on the server with hosting commands regardless of being on the host computer or not. It supports only one Byond key at a time, and once a host has logged it, no new hosts (except for the original) can be made for the duration of the server uptime to avoid abuse (use Head Admins).

Note: This is currently not valid for the public testing of the beta release.
+ Character Groups added (supports multiple open simultaneously).
+ Character Group & Character Sorting added.
+ Character Group & Character Auto-Sorting and an auto-sorting setting added to allow for disabling of it.
+ Sorting by Name and ID option added (for Groups and Characters).
+ Derivative Character System: Allows the ability to have multiple versions of the same character with different icons/pictures. This helps for organization reasons,a s well as future manageability in the case of PCs in RPU/ES (meaning not having to create multiple PCs for what's all really the same character, such as in stats and information fields).
+ Book/Guide System: All books and guides now use a universal book system that works based on a template window, which is created for a player-by-player basis when one loads the book/guide based on save files. This puts a lot less of a memory (RAM) load on the server and shares it more distributed through the clients.
+ Custom Books/Guides: Due to being able to use one universal book system, it enables the ability for head administrators to create their own books and guides for the server that players can view. This places less of a dependency on the forum in case of it corrupting, and also means the ability of using the same book save file for multiple servers instead of having to create from scratch on the forums.
+ Identify Server option which identifies the game name, game version, core version, server name, your computer information (key, name, IP, and computer address), and the server's current player/mod rankings.
+ Autosave and saving upon world shutdown now supports automatically saving all the players' saves. Backing up the world in turn backs up all of the players' saves.
+ Autosave frequency option now added to allow a head administrator change how frequent world autosaves in number of minutes.
+ Game-dependent TOS upon first startup added from Eternal Saga. With this, 'contractually', no one can be excused of not reading/confirming to rules. Declining boots you from the server for you.
+ Added a 'remove character id' command for Head Admins for whatever need it may have.
+ Added Moderator Commands to characters that allow the ability to fix several kinds of bugs/errors that may occur, especially stemming from when porting a player's save file from server to another:
Display ID is useful for the ID commands below.
Set ID initializes the ID as if it were new in case in that situation you don't want to remove the previous ID from the list (such as if there's an ID conflict with another character, you wouldn't want the other character's ID removed from the main list).
Change ID changes it as it were already used, so it attempts to remove the previous ID from the main list as well as give a new one.
Fix Owner fixes the character's owner in a situation possibly when a player leaves the server during a sorting (not likely as it does the changes to a temporary list of characters) or when creating a character, which prevents them from accessing their character as if it were their own.
Fix Char Owner for derivatives in a similar situation, except where it fails to recognize which character it's a derivative from.
+ Moderators and above now have access to some of another character's commands, specifically when changing values to allow direct when a player has inappropriate material for their character.
+ Add/Remove Forum Owner verb now added for Head Administrators.
+ World Info and all other book-based code now has a built-in page number system.
+ Added 'RP Disabled' mode when setting the RP mode, moreso for plugins in the future.
+ Added a 'Last Project Update' field in Core Credits
+ Added new options for the Player View Mode: Tabbed is now Tabbed (Classic) (always shows all groups and derivatives of the player), Tabbed (Toggle) as default which allows for toggling of groups and character derivative lists, Personal List switched to Personal List (Classic) (see Tabbed (Classic)), Personal List (Toggle) (see Tabbed (Toggle).
* The Players Online tab has been revamped for more intuitiveness and separating players easier.
* Every input verb now has a 'null' option added to it, which more directly adds a 'Cancel' button to any input option, allowing for backing out more simply, even when accidentally hitting a ban verb.
* Thanks to the need to reduce the size of face icons due to the Active Character's button's image not being able to be resized upon runtime, all new character icons are automatically resized down to 50x50 as per normal use of RPU, meaning there is no longer a size cap on icons or a worry of uploading too much data since it'll be saved as the reduced proportions (remember to be sure that face icons are cropped as a square, where both the width and height match, or else they will be forcefully stretched or squished).
Note: Due to an unfixable bug right now that requires other players to relog to see a scaled face icon's picture correctly, this is temporarily disabled and reverted back to the 50.1 KB limit until a solution is found.
* Numerous typos across the code and verbs were fixed.
* Fixed various HTML inconsistencies (Namely closing tags) to make it more consistent and therefore more efficient in its decoding. This fixes the bug where text color in a a character's action 'trickles down' to the next post.
* Save file hierarchy has been changed for better organized: saves/administration, saves/players, backup/administration backup/players.
* Code-ban, server bans, and boots now checked first before everything else upon player startup.
* Player systems and variables rearranged (code-wise) for more efficiency sake.
* Load-up code is now faster thanks to more efficient processing.
* Completely revamped every administrator verb and proc for efficiency.
* Dead/old commented-out code removed to further reduce resource sizes.
* Completely revamped the World Info and Color Guide for manageability on the development end.
* Color selecting and list options revamped for efficiency of potentially 3 times faster and slimmer.
* Due to security concerns in the outputs, as well as consideration for sense in terms of character information, characters no longer support direct html formatting.
* All book-based systems and windows (except for the forum once again) by default now support a space-based background.
* Rearranged the 'ConvertTime()' proc for slightly more accuracy for Current OOC Time and admin logs.
* Server OOC Time and Server Running Time moved to the Players Online tab to allow it to be more universally used without the world status tab (e.g. in RPU Lite).
* Toggle Character List is now a list option instead of a switch option.
* 'Classic' Character Lists display Groups all opened, whereas 'Tabbed' and 'Personal List' don't.
* '-----Characters-----' is now a double-clickable button for sorting options.
* Players Online stat panel revamped and reorganized both for efficiency and display purposes.
* Player rankings rearranged for better sense: Host, Limited Mod/Mod/Admin/Head Admin, Developer Ranking, Player/Guest
* Players can now be under more than one developer ranking.
* Clickable mobs switched to a new 'Player Commands' button.
* World Info admin commands are compacted to one 'world info commands' verb.
* 'set npcs/pcs' switched to 'set max characters' to better help admins know what it does.

RP Unlimited v1.5.4B
+ Added ability to remove people from bootlist.
+ Added Quick Boot, Boots without use of bootlist block.
- Devourer cheat removed by request
- Removed Herobrine

RP Unlimited v1.5.3B
+ New macros for the About/Credit window and Change Log window.
* Fixed the versioning system so it's less confusing. E.G. '1.52B' to '1.5.2B'.
* 'Refixed' the 'Moo' cheat with the correct coding.
* Major grammar and spelling checks throughout all the cheats.
- Removed Herobrine

(Lloyd Ishtar)
+ New 'most colorful of exits' cheat added.

RP Unlimited v1.5.2B
* Fixed the Autosave system so it should work.
* Added encoding for custom cheats to prevent HTML input.
* Fixed and removed the time log before the hidden weapon cheat.
* Added some missed lines on the previous change log for 1.5B.
* Fixed the muffin button cheat.

RP Unlimited v1.5.1B
* Custom cheat targets fixed to have no entry cancel out of input.
* 'Moo' cheat now has the intended sound file that it was meant to contain.

RP Unlimited v1.5B
+ World Status stat tab added. (To turn its display off, use the Show/Hide World Status command)
+ World Status/Chapter added.
+ World/Realm and Region system added, which in turn each region can have a timeoffset based on the IC global time, and individual weather features.
+ Server OOC Clock system added.
+ Autosave system and setting added. It autosaves the world every hour if left on.
+ IC Clock system added. (Allows for the Gregorian Calendar system, or a custom system.)
+ Event Coordinator system added that works in sync with the IC and OOC Clock systems.
+ Admin logs now have OOC time added.
+ Weather Machine system added (Weather Machine [Automatic] that changes with each IC day, Presets, Custom).
+ Weather Forecast system added that presets for the set amount of days and changes with each IC day to the next item on the Forecast. If the forecast week ends, it creates a new one automatically.
+ Weather Machine system works with the added preset climates.
+ Official change logs added!
* Cheats now have a custom option.
* Cheats were revamped code-wise to be a lot more efficient.
- Player time removed do to inconsistencies and inability to get it to work right.

(Lloyd Ishtar)
+ Added 'Moo' and 'Devourer' cheats.

+ Added Muffin Button cheat.
* Boot system changed to have more consequence.

RP Unlimited v1.4B
+ Server Reboot command added
+ Tags added for RPU Developers and Contributors
+ Black Listing system for denying permissions and Lockouts
+ White Listing system for auto approval and Lockouts
+ Passwording system for server
+ Open Server setting for no approval servers
+ Save file restructuring
* Enabled Forum to be controlled remotely
* Forum now have link Icons
* Player Character and Non-Player Characters Defined
* World Info is now multi-paged.
* Help Guide is now multi-paged.
* Color Guide is now multi-paged.
* OOC fixed
* Administrative Tools Improved
* Major Clean-up of commands
* Cheat system fixed
* Music box updated with player based listing and Gamemaster list.
* Identifier in help menu.
.. more stuff I probably forgot.

About Donations

Hey everyone,

About the donations in the past, I have the Paypal but the donation button is still not working. So if you would like to help with the development of RP Unlimited and Eternal Saga.

Now if you would like to help through Paypal send donations or gifts through Paypal to ( AnthonyHawkina@Hotmail.com )

Being I would like to do more with the systems and possibly making a final version of Eternal saga public hosting if we get enough support. I just wanted to put this out their to see what we can get for help. Thank you for you support and please enjoy RP Unlimited.

-Anthony Hawkina

More Info

RPU 2.0 Testing by Lloyd Ishtar
Sticky: Bug Reports by Darth_Chaos7
Sticky: About RP Unlimited Policy by AnthonyHawkina
Creator is hosting a new server (New plot added) by AnthonyHawkina
Sticky: Future of RP Unlimited by AnthonyHawkina



AnthonyHawkina: (Yesterday, 11:03 am)
Hey everyone,

Thanks to Grim, I am a member for another year.

Otherwise here is a hosting hotfix, message me if it doesn't work but people should be able to host better.


Otherwise some of the new map updates as in, otherwise for the players here is a new version of the exe. This should get rid of the double scroll bar some people where having. (I hope) It also allows you to use RP Unlimited without ads. So if it might make life easier for some of you.


(O.k. I derped, So... to the one person that downloaded, I'm sorry but I fixed it.)
AnthonyHawkina: (Apr 11, 9:09 am)
O.k. hoping this works, being it is in alpha testing right now, but being people love it. I thought I would release.

http://www.mediafire.com/download/q57v86rlkf6y7da/ RP_Unlimited.exe

Welcome to the stand alone version of RP Unlimited for the players. This goes around things like the pager to use RP Unlimited directly. Supposively no install needed. No more ads, No more well pager. This works directly with version 2.0.12 allowing you to directly connect to the game.

Now this isn't fully tested and I will release updates. Though I hope everyone enjoys being this should make life easier for everyone.

P.S. If hosting on an internal network, you need to still use the pager. Being it won't accept IPs or that... this is a set back with the exe programming itself not to have a direct IP support. Otherwise, I hope this works out, it is more for the player side then the host.
AnthonyHawkina: (Apr 11, 5:04 am)
RP Unlimited v2.0.12b
+ Database system for Characters proto-typed with minor errors on resets.

+ Added Add song, Remove song, New list buttons, and Play to world button in music player.
+ Added Update Database for Admins to update all current players in world.
+ Head Admins can now set security levels on forum with set_forum_security command.(Safe Default)

* Reorganized Music Player Buttons.
* Switched Host Button for Character Database Button, Host Command now in Menu for those still hosting with Dream Seeker.
* Fixed possible forum security weaknesses.
* Re-enabled HTML for names, until better system is completed
* Fixing Character Database to get less lag on load up.

(Lloyd Ishtar)
+ Added Battle/Boss Music List.

* Fixed Targeting in Cheat Commands.

http://www.mediafire.com/download/aj7jw21dwcc9lt6/ RPU2012.zip

Hey Everyone,

Time to go over some changes, being today my Byond account runs out. So going to have to do updates a little different.

First of all I will update the hub, but post the link here. This should work better for most people being it will give you clean servers to work with. This will allow minimal errors on updating. Which will be a good thing, also allowing players to host multiple servers.

Secondly, Darth_Chaos7 has stopped consulting for us, so this will be the last update including code from him. While his version of 2.0 set us back. We are moving forward. I know this has inconvenienced a lot a users and in short I don't plan for another big switch over like this again. This being that I know a lot of people we're not happy with all the changes.

I will note, after all the rumors of me leaving. I am staying and not only being head of development, but returning as head coder and head of design. Being so many people had the outcry of version. I think I will stick with being head of design now being a lot more people prefer how I do things. This will be for the best I feel seeing the 2.0 changes where no so accepted as thought.

Further more, I will not be charging for host files at all. Being the rumor it was thought that we would be forcing people to pay for RP Unlimited. This is false and coming to a close. The allowed host think you see is just a security measure to stop people from abusing the hub. If you see it, Please contact me AnthonyHawkina on the pager, asap. You can also contact Lloyd Ishtar as well being the only other member officially on the development team at this time. I am sorry for the inconvenience as I plan to have this fixed soon enough once I get the security a little bit better.

Further more, the minor errors in 2.0.12 is that when you restart your server. It messes up the pictures in the Database. This is not the icons but the in character sheet pictures itself. It will fix when the person logs back on. Note the character sheets do support HTML and can support music in that fashion, just post your link in additional info. Hopefully this will help players move from using the forum and NPCs to just using the PC function being it does everything in one.

Finally I would like to thank everyone for staying with RP Unlimited for this time. I know it has been a rocky road to this point. Though we are recovering. I am getting out my lists again to see about help to fix up the code. Please don't message me for source files. Being the people I will be working with have worked with me for a while and I trust them. They also have signed contracts and are of age to do so. In this I hope by this time next year, RP Unlimited will have newer looks and features not thought of to this day. It's been rough but a pleasure to work for a community like this.

Anthony Hawkina

TL;DR: The error in 2.0.12 only seems to effect on reboot but fixes when the person logs back in. Darth quit again. Thanks for using RP Unlimited.

P.S. (I tried to get Galatine's update into this version but I could not figure it out without making a bigger error. This will be in as soon as I can figure out how to code it.)
AnthonyHawkina: (Apr 5, 1:06 am)
Hey everyone,

Here we go, more hot fixes...

First a re-release of 1.5.4
Just some minor updates with security.


Otherwise a hot fix for some of the little problems coming up in the host system. (The not allowed to host message coming up when your allowed to host.) Updates on allowed hosts, and finally an update on the music list so you can delete songs out of the new sections added. (I should not code half asleep at 5 in the morning.)

Editing here to hot fix

Why is this one important? Well I fixed the icon request but it seems I finally freaking fixed it... The forum limit is extended after all this time of Microsoft telling me it was impossible.

It took some work but now the text limit is 100,000! characters over the old 2,000. Sorry, just happy to find a fix. I hope this helps everyone.

http://www.mediafire.com/download/yrdexix2pezpr7p/ RPU20112.zip
AnthonyHawkina: (Apr 3, 7:16 am)
Hey everyone,

Word from the wire of the code banned.

Gyro is threatening me with this picture.


This is my rant about Byond being I was senseless pissed at the time with other matters. Being he feels it will hurt my credentials or something. Well Jokes on him, I know the community hates me!

Naw, moving on, I felt I would share this being I felt that owners and the players weren't allowed to have rights to there programs. Reading the forum posts here ( http://www.byond.com/forum/?post=1534743 ) I saw I was wrong on few points but not on others. Mostly I feel we need more defense as owners. Something more provided by Byond.

This being this is being used to force my hand into unbanning him. Well the ban is staying, Being I know how much the community has been trying to get him out of there servers. I am not going to fold to threats and so on. Just not right.

So it seems the an hero of RP Unlimited as been told by a site has failed once again. If your pissed at me for lashing out like a human, tell me. I apologize for this. It was a mistake and I will take it like a man.

Otherwise thanks for using RP Unlimited, I posted this being requests of people should know what I think I shouldn't hide it. Being I believe the players should have a place without harassment. Why I run AC and why I make RP Unlimited so in hopes somewhere they will find a safe haven.

-Anthony Hawkina