The Age Of Pirates

by Anthonyfile2
Based on a world of Adventure where you choose your role in the Pirate Age [More]

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Last updated: Sep 15 2013
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Anthony File(key:Anthonyfile2)(Owner;Coder,Iconner)
Maruchan D. Chicken(key:MaruchanDchicken)(Co-Owner;Iconner)

Many thanks go out to Mysterio(key:Ernesto5432) who has helped a lot with the server.
Recent News:The game has had some pretty major updates regarding how things work mechanically, more updates to come, also the game has wiped due to these updates. As a side note, Observation Haki now works, and Magery has been temporarily disabled until further updates.

Game Includes:

46 Different Skill Fruits! (As of, 02-6-12)Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Features Attacking/Attackable NPCs! Everyone please give a Thank-You to Mysterio(Ernesto5432)! He is the coder/owner of one of the best One Piece sources and Im very greatful for the codes hes supplyed us with!

a Old World Map (1000x1000 tiles)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

a New World Map (1000x1000 tiles) + is split into 9 seas to make Skill Fruit Hunting hard.

Great PvP System!

4 Different Races to Choose from!; Human, Cyborg, Fishman, or Giant!

5 Main Skills - Haki, Stamina, Strength, Endurance, Speed.

Plenty of Weapon Skill Types with skills you can learn from them!
|Handwork|Footwork|Blunt Weapons|Swordsmanship|Marksmanship|Archery|Magery|Whips|

3 Basic Classes that Stem off into tons of other Classes - Pirate, Marine, Bounty Hunter.
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Player Owned Houses!; Players can be rewarded a personal house from events. Houses provide private shops, training spots, and crew/fleet benefits.
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Events Everyday For Rare Prizes, hosted by our admins!

The Guide for Noobies =)
1. Connect to a hosted server, by clicking one of the links above.
2.Once Loaded up, you should Click "New" as you are just starting out.
3.You will most likely only get the option to be a human, but if lucky the other 3 races have a randomized chance of showing up as being able to be chose.
4.You are now at the Character creation, this is pretty straight forward, just Choose what you want to look like, Change your name, and then lets move to step 5 while your still on Character creation.
5.Distributing Points, Every race starts out with a different amount of stat points, I suggest distributing them evenly, heres what the different stats do;
Stamina-Counts towards your Health mainly, and energy to an extent,
Strength-Counts towards your Damage, and armor to an extent,
Endurance-Counts towards your Armor, and energy to an extent,
Speed- determines how fast you move.
6.After distributing your stats how you see fit, now move on to logging-in.
The different Races all have their own staring Spawns, but if your a noob I recommend going as a Human as mainland(Human-Spawn) has helpful tip signs.
7.Go to your starting areas Shop (if your on mainland it should be to the north-east)
gear up and buy yourself some gear,(Boxing Gloves,Wooden Tonfas,Wooden Katanas,Slingshots, and Fighting-Boots are the main starting weapons that people like to use.) Other than that pick some clothes and right click them in your inventory to customize the colors on them to add personalization to your gear.
8.Now if your spawn is mainland just walk back towards that house you spawned at, once there either head west to the logs accross the bridge or south to the logs below the cliff.(Warning- Once you leave the cliff or bridge you enter a non-safe zone)
9.Press W and focus on a skill you want to train on, and start attacking the logs to improve your focused skill.
10.Start by killing Chickens they are great for low levels to start on.
11.Be sure to level Haki and End so your armor goes up by using the skill "Armaments"
12.Using Armaments drains your Willpower fast so watch it, if it gets too low you will lose your armor bonus and become vulnerable. Press Q to rest.
13.At this point you can grind on multiple different NPCs ingame until you feel comfortable to PvP or go search for outposts for some extra money.
14.Outposts give money after a set time, that loops over and over as long as you have control of it, another way to get money is to PvP and kill people for their bountys.
15.Once you've got to lvl 250+ you can head to New World to search for fruits. NW can be accessed by talking to the New World Spawn Manager, at (980, 660) - on your compass.
16.Skill Fruits can be found anywhere on the New World Map only. They can be on Land or Water your best bet is search the whole sea your on before moving to another sea, Also there is 10 Skill Fruits on the nw map at any given time, as soon as one is picked up, another is spawned randomly.
17.After this point your pretty much set, you should know based on game experience what all you can do from here, I chose not to give details on the 3 Classes, and their stemming off classes as I want players to make their decisions for themselves, not based on what I think is good.
Basic Controls

To talk in "say" press -
To talk in "global" press =

Move Up - Up Arrow Key
Move Down - Down Arrow Key
Move Right - Right Arrow Key
Move Left - Left Arrow Key

Focus Training - W

Rest(restores Health,Energy,Willpower) - Q
Dive(dives underwater) - E

Punch - A
Kick - S
Slash - D
Swing - F
Pull Trigger - G
Shoot Arrow - X

To bind skills earned from skill masters/consumed DFs make you have to make the macro appear like this -
.click "Skill-Name" , and make sure you put it on +REP.
so if you want to bind Rapid-Slice, you need to bind .click Rapid-Slice to any key that you dont have used.
another example is, if you have the Dragon fruit, you want to bind .click Dragon-Dragon to be able to go into your fruit forms.


Doniu: (Feb 1 2014, 11:23 pm)
Hi, do this game gonna be up in future? somone will host it?
EEnEZ: (Sep 17 2013, 8:12 am)
Now that the game's 'Byond-Scape', can you add Skill Fruits back in as Demon Fruits? Maybe you could add a back story that they were created by the IG god's brother but were stolen by man. He was so infuriated that he placed a curse on these fruits.

Whatcha think??? :3
Avatar Eddy: (Sep 11 2013, 7:59 am)
PLEASE put up a 24/7 server! I miss this game. =(
Max-C: (Dec 26 2012, 12:21 am)
goddam put it back z,z or at the last gimme the source and GM and i will host _
EXGenesis: (Dec 16 2012, 1:42 pm)
dis is rip. ernesto no coded it. i repot it.