Phoenix: Sundered Earth

by Archonex
A sandbox roleplaying game combining lovecraftian elements, with the fast paced action of anime. - Currently in Open Alpha - [More]
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I've seen things. Things I wish I could forget. Cities burning along-side their residents in the third great war. Men and women, acting like animals, devoid of all sanity or hope. Profane things, unkind to the laws and restrictions of this reality, worming their way up from the sewers. Things with no faces, and too many eyes, feasting on the misery of the living.

Just yesterday they say CentCom went silent. The day before that, I watched a building turn to dust, it's occupants falling from the sky like birds without wings.

Noone knows quite what's happening, or what to make of it. Some say it's the end times. Some say it's an alien attack.

My colleagues say that the Stars are Coming Right, that the old things locked out of reality are coming back to take back a world that was once theirs. That humanity is a foot-note in the pages of history. Yet another species amongst many that are about to go extinct.

I don't know if we can stop them. Hell, i'm not even sure if we should, after all i've seen. But I do know this.

We aren't going to make it easy for them.

General Features:
  • An expansive, in character, sandbox environment that supports combat systems, PVE, PVP, crafting, and more.

  • A player driven crafting system that can alter the way players play the game as time passes. Bring new (and sometimes deadly) technology to the world!

  • An ever expanding list of advanced gameplay systems and features that include things like the passing of time, aging, construction of buildings in the gameworld, and more!

  • A unique setting that mixes the Lovecraftian Horror, Post-Apocalyptic, and Dystopian/Cyberpunk genres together into one demented mix.

  • A varied selection of unique races with their own backstory, history, and in-game potential and traits.

  • A free, community driven project where participation either in-game or with the game itself can make an appreciable difference.

  • Flexible systems that allow for ease of entry into a wipe with minimal time to catch up to existing players. As time goes by, new players are scaled up in potential so that they are equivalent in potential to older characters.

  • A game that is extremely moddable. Server hosts can customize the game to their heart's content, going so far as to even drop the default setting and design their own.

  • Tons more! There's far too many features to list them all here, in fact.

  • Upcoming Features/Content Updates:

    Patch .0312
  • Patch .0312 is a major bug fixing and quality of life improvement patch. It contains, at the current count as of when this post was made, over 40 fixes. Development is also still ongoing, so even more features will be added in before it goes live. These improvements, fixes, and additions to the game were suggested and collated together by polling the community over the course of a month over any concerns and requested features they'd like to see in the game. It is also the prelude patch to the map update.

  • The Map Update
  • This update contains the new map for the new setting. We are attempting to give each zone in the new map a unique theme and expandable gameplay elements. In addition to that, new tilesets are being introduced and the galaxy map is being replaced by a traversable world map.

  • What comes after the current update plans?

    Advanced Faction Control
  • Form a faction or join an existing one and recruit NPC's, assign troops to assignable lieutenant players, conquer land, and control unique resources which can grant unique craftable items or be sold off to other groups. Factions will be able to eventually grow in size and power to the point where they can potentially wipe out or subjugate entire regions, local governments, and even entire species and land masses.

    Zone Control
  • Stake a claim in the world! Areas of the gameworld will slowly be opened up to be controlled and fought over by factions, be they hard-coded governments, or player run factions. These areas are hotspots that should engage PVP players and the types of players that like to engage in political intrigues. Controlling a piece of land can also yield unique items, resources, and always money to go into your faction accounts.

  • PVE Content (Expanded NPC AI)
  • Existing entities in the gameworld should be expanded on to have a realistic presence when relating to players and other NPCs. These same entities should also be hostile according to racial differences, acts against the ideals of the entity, or factional differences. A mob marked as being part of the local police should not, for instance, tolerate a player murdering someone in cold blood in front of them out on the streets of a city.

  • Dynamic Events
  • The game world should have fluff and flavor events occur that the players can participate in. Perhaps a horde of androids burrow their way to the surface and attempt to exterminate all humans in the region? Maybe the Beastmen decide to launch a major offensive on their neighbors the Taranians, giving their NPC faction a surplus of troops for players in the military to use? Maybe the Taranians decide to do the same? This is an ever ongoing feature that has nigh infinite levels of expandability.

  • Lots More!
  • As current arcs of development are completed, new arcs of development will be cycled into active development. This includes expansions to existing systems, icon and presentation revamps, new content, and more.

Phoenix: Sundered Earth is a continuation of the prior Phoenix project, Phoenix DBZ, which has since ceased development due to copyright issues.

Rather then extrapolate off of the previous game, we are re-designing the setting from the ground up to be original, while retaining all of the races, mechanics, and items currently in-game.

Sundered Earth takes place in a world, set several hundred years after the titular "sundering" of reality.

In the wake of the sundering, baseline humanity has gone extinct. Even "human" humans have some measure of supernatural or unnatural power to them. Many races have also evolved and rose to prominence in the time since modern man fell and the things from outside reality came flooding in.

The chaotic nature of this world means, that, at the start of a wipe, no form of recognizable government remains. It's up to the players to make something worth living in.

The world of Sundered Earth is a world where a man might wield the atomic might of a pre-Fall nuclear warhead with one hand, and tap into the powers of Chi with the other. Technology co-exists alongside mysticism, which in turn co-exists alongside the supernatural.

It's a world where advanced robotics beyond anything mankind is currently capable of, sits alongside bio-organic technology. A world where the real combats the unreal, where demons and angels walk the Earth alongside man, while things alien to reality lurk at the shadowy fringes.

Power is everything in this world. Some try to obtain it to protect others. Others desire it for themselves. Others still, merely wish to be left alone.

Sundered Earth is meant to be a roleplay sandbox for it's players. As with all of the Phoenix project games, it is also highly customizable.

Our goal with Sundered Earth is to port the mechanics and "atmosphere" that made Phoenix:DBZ over to a new, unique setting of our design.

That means that, yes, it is indeed possible to punch out Cthulu in this game, with enough training and power, and that the original high speed battles of the first Phoenix project will remain a common sight.

A host does not need to adopt the default setting either, thanks to our in-game development tools. Indeed, they are free to design whatever setting they wish.

This hub will, at the time, be used to host the game. Check back regularly for updates, or for a link to the servers, once they are up.
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Date added: Mar 29 2011
Last updated: Nov 16 2012
1868 fans


Professor Kag: (Wednesday, 2:02 pm)
You know, DC... I can't really argue your point there. I feel like the game has been severely limited the past few years and I really think even longer than that. Since the transition from Finale to Phoenix I feel like the RP has become a lot more restricted and controlled. Finale had free form and yes, that led to people naming their characters Dick Johnson with penis icons and brandishing dildo weapons which is admittedly the most terrible thing I can think of in terms of breaking atmosphere and immersion on the game. A happy medium in between the overly free-form RP of Finale and the all too restricted, admin controlled RP of the current incarnation of the game would be the best outcome.

They've made SSJ extremely hard to get this wipe, even in FBM with Mutants that have 100 million BP. Saiyans/Halfies etc. need SSJ to compete in FBM or they're literally useless as their FBM mod is probably 190, compared to the FBM mod of 300+ for the other races. Saiyans stat mods rely on a higher BP current, its just how the game is coded. When you exceed the BP of a Saiyan they usually are all too simple to take down on.

Moving on... there are a lot of tools the game has (RP Power is one of them) that could be utilized in order to compensate the players that bring RP and invest themselves into the community and even the players that take up the mantle of Villain. From like year 30-60 this wipe we had a significant lack of viable villains, the ones who could act as such were either nerfed/limited by the admins or simply not provided any incentive to pursue their villain event ideas because the side of good is usually more populated and has access to better skill sets.

The game is dying, I can't see it lasting much longer. Our community is a horrible mixture of clique based elitism and glorified ghetto ebonics where Changeling Lords kill people while saying "Nah. You ain't about that life, fam." We haven't seen any major content update since 2012 and when bugs surface they stick around for -months- with no end in sight. If you read the HUB the game features are a complete and utter -blatant lie- of what the game actually has in terms of content. Our admin staffs over the last few years have ranged from horrendously incompetent to grossly abusive or somewhere in between. Every admin staff is not without corruption but we're striking out more than we're hitting home runs here, guys.

Arch and Vale need to take a week or two and seriously look at the game, observe on it and reflect it. We're in need of a serious restructure.

And this is all without even going on a tangent in regards to how min/maxing makes the game not even fun to play.
Deviant Coder: (Jun 27, 5:33 pm)
My previous post got deleted. So I'm just going to re-post.

I believe this game have gone downhill. The reason why is because the game feels more like an admin experience than a player experience. Everything is restricted and limited, preventing any real devastating events other than what the admins can string up. You'll be lucky to even see a super saiyan 2 every 2 years (irl). And when a super saiyan 2 is made, it is either an admin or a close ic-friend of an admin. And also, I realize that most of the enjoyment comes from the game's OOC where flame wars go on like wildfire. Players mostly trying to outsmart the other in trash-talking. Admins resolve this issue by shutting down the OOC or jumping in with their own insults then mute the other player when they lose the battle.

In the end, like it or hate it. I end up hating it and quit several months ago, anybody else can easily do the same. The game can get better if Archonex actually played his work to see what's been going on for the past year and slowly fix those issues with force.

I respect Archonex and Valekor as coders nonetheless. I don't dislike either individual personally, just this specific project in general.

Programming is extremely difficult to do, especially when it is done on an old and warn out source code.
MouseyGirl: (Jun 14, 11:08 pm)
Tens, you really wanna hassle and harass a game? Go Harass Dragon-Ki, not only do they have more perma bans than hell itself, but it's clear 50% of their players are botted or some other afk bullshit. P:SE is not even close to the worst on Byond. Your efforts would be put to better use elsewhere, even in your own fucking game.
Ryuujin: (Jun 9, 1:16 pm)
Tens, you're calling the kettle black. ZU is FAAAAAR more abusively run than Phoenix. You're supposedly in charge of it and have done nothing about the rampant abuse by your own EXGenesis, therefore you support his abuse of the playerbase.
Tens of DU: (May 27, 5:53 am)
0207kid wrote:
Can you un ban me please its been 8 months now. I wont attack with rpging.

You too huh? It's dumb to give such long bans over practically nothing. This game has more PERMANENT bans than it has PLAYERS. Probably like 300 bans.