Naruto New Dawn

by Asellia
Naruto New Dawn is a roleplaying game based off the Hit Manga by Masashi Kishimoto [More]

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Version Open Source! V2.18
Date added: Jan 22 2011
Last updated: Feb 12 2016
Last played: Sep 8 2017
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Naruto New Dawn is a role-playing game based off the Hit Manga by Masashi Kishimoto. We hope to create an experience that does not cater to any one player, but the many as a hole. An attempt to seamlessly integrate role-play battles via detailed posts, and gameplay into one. All of it powered by your character, and imagination.

Naruto New Dawn is now Open Source!!

My only real request is to keep versions hosted to this hub: "Asellia.NarutoNewDawn" there is no hub password. While I cannot force this, this is just so I can watch it's growth. I want to see the amazing things people come up with!

I will not be moderating as long as nobody puts outright porn or anything ridiculous in their version.

Download the full set of source-codes below.

Mega Mirror:!vVVlxYiA!t6sGehjv5H-r-vpArAsDoQ1QNXiNTyXo_ 0GtV5o7vJw


Latest Update was 6-8-2015 at 2:31AM!
Change Logs:
Version 2.18:
Adjusted Jutsu Mastery Purchase to grant 20 points, instead of 5.
Adjusted balance on EXP Gains via missions/NPC Bandits.
Redid Forest of Death
Made profile show E Rank missions completed. Admins should now be able to adjust any type of mission completed variable for when RP missions are done.
Re-added Land of Iron to the map, but not at initial creation.
Fixed up Mist!
Redid the World Map Item's map.
Fixed Custom Clothing Icons showing up black.
Fixed damage on some jutsu.
Fixed spammable messages in a few jutsu.
Fixed kill prompt spam.

Version 2.17:
Adjusted damage on a couple jutsu.
Adjusted gentle fist spam messages.
Other bugfixes I am sure I am forgetting.

Version 2.16:
Adjusted EXP gains.
Fixed defense gains.
Fixed cost of Buy Jutsu Mastery to utilize Stat Points
Fixed a few mild bugs.

Version 2.15:
Adjusted costs on some things to reflect lower stat/skill point gain.
Fixed a bug involving kill prompt spam
Added ability to gain defense stat through usage.
Fixed a few jutsu dictionary bugs.
Altered jutsu mastery to put rank into account.
Adjusted profile to properly show your gender.
Fixed Title Screen Death from Decline
Various minor bugfixes.

Version 2.14:
Original Version:
Fixed EXP not being given in rewards.
Adjusted Jutsu Dictionary to make base clans free.
Adjusted Jutsu Dictionary to make jutsu you have code-wise purchasable for free, so you can reveal them in RP fights.
Adjusted Jutsu Dictionary to make the back/cancel buttons properly work when setting categories to view.

Version 2.13:
Original Version:
Emergancy balancing involving mission rewards and leveling. This resulted in absurd amounts of RP points upon completion.

Version 2.12:
Original Version:
Fixed all players within view of someone finishing a mission getting credit, rather than just squad-members.
Fixed your name showing up in soul perk selection.

Version 2.11:
Original Version:
Fixed icons not saving their color upon loading game, and thus you load nude.
Fixed some jutsu causing damage to the user.

Version 2.10:
Original Version:
Fixed RPSpy Roleplay Rewarding
Fixed Jutsu Dictionary Purchases requiring Certification
Completely implemented Samurai Rank for Will of Iron Soul Perk.
Adjusted RPSpy to always track roleplay, so posts are not missed.
Made ANBU Leader's Give Anbu Robe give.. well, an anbu robe.
Adjusted Admin GiveJutsu to give Six Paths properly.

Version 2:
Original Version:
Finished Perk System
Added Pixel Movement
Revamped Profiles
Rebirth/Mating fine-tuned.
A few bugfixes.

A few bugfixes.

Version 1:
Initial Release