Kage: Rise of the Tengu

by Avidanimefan
Kage: Rise of the Tengu
When evil stains your past and threatens the future, what will you do? Become the best nin in this Shinobi , Naruto & Bleach -Inspired,Anime Action Adventure [More]
Version 1.0 Alpha
Date added: Apr 5 2015
Last updated: Aug 10
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Only Windows users can play this game. If you are using an emulator, enter the URL for the game in File | Open Location on your BYOND pager menu.

byond://BYOND.world.710665758 [Pvp-RP Server Hebi : A Online Players: 2]

Logged in: 2 players [See list]

2D Naruto Inspired MMORPG

*** Version 512 may cause many issues when playing. For the best experience play in 511.***

Enter a realm filled with danger and adventure as you live out the life of a ninja. Kage : Rise is Naruto inspired anime action at it's best.

Tired of Dragon ball, Bleach or Naruto clones? Come see why this is one of the best games on site.

  • PVP Or RP oriented, decide on the type of server you want to run.
  • Enhanced RP system that makes connecting simpler.
  • 4 Villages, Over 100 ninpo, 6 weapon types,
    12 armors and 9 tool types to master.
  • Crafting system allows you to tailor your tools, weapons and gear to your liking to create near infinite possibilities.
  • Create your own clans and face off in PVP Village based warfare.
  • Much more.