Stargate Infinity : The Dark Era of Pegasus

by B4ssQontr0ler
Stargate Infinity : The Dark Era of Pegasus
Fan's game. Based on Alterans and Ori war in Pegasus Galaxy (Alternate reality). [More]

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Version 1
Date added: Feb 6 2015
Last updated: Mar 5 2015
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Stargate Infinity : The Dark Era of Pegasus

Welcome to this new version of SGI directed by B4ssQontr0ler.


Please EVERYONE, read this :

I want to tell everyone this game is sure based on the best game never played on BYOND of Stargate, Stargate Online by Yurgeta.
I want reborn the plaisure to play a Stargate game, and the old SG team was just awsome. In memories of them i Direct this little project with some frends, for plaisure of Fans.

I don't realy know who was exactly in the oldbies SGO team ... But if they prove to me they was, they will take place automaticaly in game, as Honnorary SGO's Oldbies.(BECOME STAFF MEMBER ISN'T INCLUDED)
My Status in game and status of no one will be called Owner or others words that have this definition.

I reconise all power to the one that's leaded Stargate and his right to come back in game and ask to close this server : Yurgeta.
And to the BYOND's Mods, i hope you will let me have the honnor of try to recreate the Stargate Community.

Game History :

We are in the Pegasus galaxy , Alteran left earth with their Atlantis city and the wraith race does not exist.
In this Alternative universe , the Ori followed alteran and found their new galaxy.
Ancient against the Ori.
What race will win?
Will you ascend?
Will you lead a faction?

The Dark Era of Pegasus is comming ...

Staff :

B4ssQontrler : Director [Head-D]
1815rafi1815 : S.Director [Head-D]
TRANSFORMERS31 : Staff Director
Jake-green : Icon.Support [Pixel.Artist]

Race Leads :

Alteran : NONE
Ori Soldier : NONE

Updates (05/03/15):

  • 11 Active maps explorable, Alteran and Ori Soldier have now both 2 worlds.
  • Sensor System added.
  • ZPM placer is now needed for use Technologies of the city.
  • New Outfits.