Bleach: Zetsumei

by BZProductions
Going back to the drawing board, not enough was done right in the first release [More]

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Version 1.0.0 Alpha
Date added: Dec 8 2008
Last updated: Jul 2 2010
Last played: Aug 31 2010
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Under Construction!
Enigma: Game Creator/Coder/Iconner/Concepts
Cameron: Game Crator/Coder/Interface Designer/Concepts
Ashton: Iconner/Concepts
Kenshin9999: Iconner/Concepts
Random Idiots and Douche bags who said it would never happen!

*Hollows all transformations except Arrancar
*Quincy a demo for the quincy race is in and I just added ishida's new bow
*Shinigami are now in and have 4 shikai and 3 bankai types
*Inoue is not in yet
*Sado is not in yet
I'm currently looking for another iconner and turfer and I could use a mapper too this game is being made from scratch as such I need all the help I can get contact me at [email protected] if you can help

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