Naruto Exodus

by Bd888

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Version 1
Date added: May 30 2019
Last updated: Jun 3 2019
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Only Windows users can play this game. If you have an emulator, you can join the waiting list to be informed when a new server is ready to play.

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On this game, you create a character and you can choose the clan and the village you want to live. After that, you have to level up by fighting enemy ninjas, completing missions and capturing areas of the map to your village (something that can cause wars between villages). Using a system that provides you a very customizable build, this game has many possibilites and the fun never stops.

A fun level up system: On this game, you level up by fighting, completing missions, capturing areas or training with friends in the dojo. Everytime you lose chakra or stamina, you will gain experience over time. You should always be doing something in order to level up efficiently (The max level is 100).

Smooth fighting system: The fighting system on this game is very smooth and well done. Bugs are rare and you can show all your skills killing your enemies without worrying about crashes or errors.

Your own build: Create your own build on this game based on Strenght, Chakra Control, Intelligence and Reflex. Each character you create is Unique

Rivalry: This game has 3 villages and the rivalry among them is amazing. Each village will want to capture the enemy villages' areas and defend their areas from the others. This makes wars very common and breathtaking to experience.

Always growing: This game will always be updated. The administration wants it to last longer, so don't be afraid: Your characters won't be lost and the game won't die that easy