Naruto Shippuden: Online

by BeefxStewyJR
Come Play This Fun Naruto Game. Fair Fights, Lots Of Clans, Organization And Kage Spots Open. Rankers Get Boost. What Are You Waiting For Come Play This Fun Naruto Game, [More]

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Date added: Dec 17 2010
Last updated: Dec 18 2010
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Naruto Shippuden Online:

This Game Have Been Atleast 30% Remapped. There Are Updates About Every Two Weeks To Keep Things Fresh. The Staff Members Are Prety Nice And Fun To Be Around. Hope You Have Fun...

Naruto Shippuden: Online Staff/Creators
BeefxStewyJr,(Coder,Mapper,GFX Artist)

Co Owners:



1.) Do Not Raid Organization Bases.

2.) No Spamming.

3.) No Killing In NPK Zone.

4.) Dont Continue Asking For Ranks.

5.) No Free Ranks "Kages".

6.) No Spawn Killing.

7.) Have Fun.

P.s. I Know some of theese wont be followed but jut seriously try to have fun and dont ruin other people time because somthing didnt go your way.


BeefxStewyJR: (Dec 18 2010, 4:23 am)
New Hub.