Naruto: Next Generation

by Berlin2222
Naruto: Next Generation
The original NNG, bringing you fresh content and exciting PvP action! [More]

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Version 3
Date added: Jan 6 2008
Last updated: May 13
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Game's down for the time being. There is simply too much going on in my life right now to continue it. When things settle down, I'll continue developement. Until then, game's down.


Dante(Owner) - Programmer, Mapper
Erox(Head Game Master) - Graphics Designer
ShirouX(Game Master)

Special Thanks To:

Jonaz(King-Manga-Man) - Former Iconner, Co-Owner
Sibylla - Former graphics designer
Egor - Former Iconner/GFX
Truth - Benefactor
ASAP Cracka(Fratality) - Former Iconner/GFX
Misfit Warrior - Fixing up hair icons
Hirashi - A few Yuki icons
Foomer - Fade lib
Hawkeye - Icons
Maximus_Alex2003 - Mouseover text lib