Naruto: Next Generation

by Berlin2222

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Version 2
Date added: Jan 7 2008
Last updated: Jul 23
Last played: Jul 23
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Naruto: Next Generation
NNG 2.0 - Open Beta [More]
The original NNG.

TrutH(Tor7322) - Owner

Special Thanks
to Troj(Berlin2222) for making a great game.
Former Owner

Jonaz(King-Manga-Man) - Former Iconner, Co-Owner
Egor - Former Iconner/GFX
ASAP Cracka(Fratality) - Former Iconner/GFX
Misfit Warrior - Fixing up hair icons
Hirashi - A few Yuki icons
Foomer - Fade lib
Hawkeye - Icons
Maximus_Alex2003 - Mouseover text lib

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Sticky: HELP NEEDED: Repositioning hair by Berlin2222
OFFICIAL: New HUD teaser by Berlin2222
OFFICAL: Throwing Weapon Overhaul by Berlin2222
OFFICIAL: Rebirth by Berlin2222
OFFICIAL: Experience Rates by Berlin2222