Bleach: Las Noches

by Black Itachi
Bleach: Las Noches
Bringing back the classics [More]

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Date added: Jun 9 2016
Last updated: Aug 7
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Only Windows users can play this game. If you have an emulator, you can join the waiting list to be informed when a new server is ready to play.

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All credits goes to this games' respective owners, they're still within this source and welcome to play if they choose.

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1. Refrain from clogging the main chat with nonsense. Post a long sentence instead of continuous ones, refrain from over-doing exaggerations, example1: NOOO! is fine, example2: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! isn't.

(Evite encher o chat principal com contedo sem sentido. Escreva uma longa frase em vez de vrias curtas, e evite tambm exagerar, por exemplo: "NO!" est bom, mas "NO!" no est.)

2. Treat the administators with respect, don't need to like them just don't say anything if you have nothing nice to say, because the next thing you'll be screaming is "abuse!".

(Trate os administradores com respeito. No preciso gostar deles, basta no dizer nada de mal sobre eles, ou a eles tero motivo para "abusar dos poderes".)

3. Racism isn't tolerated, and I'm sure you wouldn't want it directed towards you, idiots would disagree with this statement, but would fight racism against them regardless so just understand any form of it is a very long mute, it could also work up to a ban.

(Racismo no tolerado, e estamos certo de que voc no o quereria dirigido a si. Alguns idiotas discordaro desta regra, mas estamos certos de que nenhum de vocs gostaria de ser vtima de racismo. Quebrar esta regra d direito a um ban muito longo, e pode virar at um ban.)

4. We do not allow pornagraphic content in our game so please do not post any in of our channels. We respect all players who enter our game and we wish you do the same for us as children do play this as well.

(No se permite el contenido pornagraphic en nuestro juego as que por favor no publiques en nuestros canales. Respetamos todos los jugadores que entran en nuestro juego y le deseamos lo mismo por nosotros como los nios juegan esto tambin.)

5. To the best of your ability, don't attack administrators attempting to help a player, misunderstandings occur and should be recognized by both parties.

(No ataque os administradores quando estes estiverem a ajudar algum player. Toda a gente comete erros, mas esteja atento aos avisos dos gms.)

6. Using outside programs to train for you is strictly prohibited, if caught training un-attentively you risk losing your character(s).

(O uso de programas para treinar ou modificar qualquer aspecto dentro do jogo estritamente proibido. Se for apanhado a usar algum destes programas ou a treinar afk, perder o seu char.)

Please follow these rules and there will be no problems if problems persist you will be banned, as the game evolves changes will occur and we ask not to complain about issues, report them using the report issue tool, we will get to your issue as soon as we can, we apologize if it's not any more convenient for you.


Tantric1: (Oct 22 2017, 1:47 pm)
The game you know and love is back.

Come see.
KaiserMouse: (Aug 20 2017, 4:02 pm)
Host harasses me for not liking his game. I simply left. He started PMing me. I simply told him, I don't like it and within' minutes of playing the admins personally gave me reason to dislike it and them (Spamming memes and trolly bullshit using admin/mod announcements which flood OOC, and when I called em out on the poor trolling and memeing, they started to target and harass me). It was all I was waiting for as I assumed it would happen, games die for a reason and this one has been dead up until yesterday when B:HF went down. He then starts insulting me at random, going on about gender for some reason. Totally off topic. Then blocks me...why would you block me when you came to harass me, not the other way around AND I don't plan on playing the game? Some people have some really adorable personalities. You saw you couldn't offend me, or troll me so you got scared and blocked me which is what I'm going to assume myself because I didn't see a reason for blocking me outside your own insecurities.
Aria Kousei: (Aug 14 2016, 3:06 pm)
Soul Elysium is back so come join the fun without the grind, 4x exp included for limited time byond://

edit: add me as a friend or copy paste the link into any form of chat in a byond game or message to click the link
Anemico02: (Aug 10 2016, 6:06 am)

When you will open the server???
QueenAmyX: (Aug 9 2016, 1:17 pm)
why the fuck cant i play yet