Halo: Mayham

by Bloody m
A 32-bit 3rd person view multiplayer Halo game. Come, the mayham awaits! [More]

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Date added: Sep 5 2010
Last updated: Feb 1 2011
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Halo Mayham is a massive multiplayer 3rd person shooting game based on the halo series, the story takes place 200 years after the Halo saga. A new race has emerged and joined the fight, and has brought a batch of flood with them.

I have one map finished, but the good news is the maps compatible for Slayer, CTF, and Oddball. So I can finish all three in one swoop.

Planning on getting a second map soon, might have to wait a little on release...to be honest i want this game to be done, its going to be awesome.

Bots have been added, or will be worked in. For those of you unlucky many who dont know about these bots, they will be put into games often and only in multiplayer maps. They can be activated by anyone. Until 'killed' the Bot acts as a member of the team that the person who activated it was apart of, this bot will not be entirely smart but can obey orders such as 'get in a vehicle', 'throw a grenade', 'shoot', and 'get behind some f&$%ing cover you peice of dumb s#!t'. If a bot is 'killed' it reverts to being inactive, or offline until activated again.

Projected Date of Release: ....pending.
Projected Date of Next Update: Constantly being worked on, however a big update will take some time.

List of playable characters (Multiplayer):
Infection Form Flood

Vehicles that are operable:

Guns that are useable:
Battle Rifle
Sniper Rifle
Rocket Launcher
Energy Sword
Gravity Hammer
Beam Rifle
Covenant Carbine
Spartan Laser
Plasma Rifle
Brute Plasma Rifle
Scarab Gun
Plasma Pistol
Machine Gun
Plasma Cannon
*Plasma Saw*
Assault Rifle
Brute Shot
Fuel Rod Gun
Sentinal Beam

(* = New weapon)

Playable Game Modes:
Slayer (Debugging; Results pending)

What to be possibly expected in the next update:
Fragmentation Grenades
Plasma Grenades
Incendiary Grenades
Spiker Grenades
Suicide Slayer
Flood Human Combat Form
Flood Elite Combat Form
Flood Brute Combat Form
Flood Carrier Form

There is no boost on the vehicles, and no animation yet on the wheel for the chopper.

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The following information is a legal Bloody contest, which has no point but to get support, ideas, and support. Any participants must pay attention for the following must be adjurned:

You may enter more then one submission and resubmit any previous applications that have been denied. (With change of course)

First, there are some ... 'legal' things I need to go about first:

1. The submission must be in a .png format. However if the quality is best in another format other then a .bmp, we may except it.
2. The submission must NOT be a duplicate from another game.
3. You acknowledge that you have given Bloody permission to use your work as he wills. If changes are made in any form, you will be informed. If you decline the change to your art work, we won't make the change.

Now then the contest:
People, I'm literally tapping the bottom of the well trying to code and thinking about new weapons to add to the game.

I would most appreciate if someone would like to draw up an idea for a symbol for Mayham and Free-For-All.

If you dont know what I mean, please refer to the Standings for the Slayer, Oddball, Juggernaut, CTF, and Territories Medals.

Also, if you would like to send any ideas for a gun/other weapon for Halo Mayham, these are the rules:

1. Must be able to fit in a 32x32 space.
2. We recommend the file should be in an icon format, however you can send it as a .png (or any low-memory use format) file.
3. Weapons must be submitted with which race carries/produces these weapons.
4. Should be an original composition; you may use already-known sprites as bases, as long as we can't tell what it originally was.

Weapon Guidelines:

1. Humans/UNSC(Spartans): Must usually be Ballistic/Metal based. The weapon must shoot projectiles.

2. Covenant: Must usually be Energy/Metal based.

3. Alien: Must usually be Energy/Ballistic/Metal/Crystalline based, if it doesn't fit in the other two categories above, you can put it here.

Please note:
If you submit a weapon, to note in the submission what type of ammo it fires, (Ex: Bullets, Superheated Plasma, Superheated Spike, Gravity Pulse, Grenades/Rockets, ETC) its Rate of Fire(Rounds per second) and its damage (anywhere from light, light-medium, medium, medium-heavy, heavy, to instant death)
and its range (How far it travels) (in feet, or meters.)

All submissions (Weapons or otherwise) must be sent to [email protected]


Grammar and Spelling checks were preformed by: Orangetails.


Orangetails: (Jan 31 2011, 9:11 pm)
The hub has been grammar and spell checked. Added a little HTML into the body paragraph and fixed up the contest rules and regulations.

Some of the medal descriptions have been fixed. Changed 'Matchmaker' into 'Matchmaking'.

Currently: Bloody is having some computer difficulties, and may have an update stump. He's still working on it from a different computer though.
Bloody m: (Dec 3 2010, 3:19 am)

26 Guns finished
added Oddball, so now 3 Modes of Gameplay
Top 20 Pending Items on Agenda
1. Angel
2. Brute
3. Flood Combat Forms
4. Flood Carrier Form
5. Banshee
6. 'Chiron TL-34'
7. Juggernaut
8. Warthog
9. Jackal
10. Drone
11. Hunter
12. Mongoose
13. Hornet
14. 'Foundation'
15. Mayham
16. Free-For-All
17. Wraith/Scorpion
18. Territories
19. 'Cold Storage'
20. 'Midship'

Bottom of Agenda:
Campaign(although with the interior of the pelican done, and the marines, sarge, and main character concepted the campaign is looking quite unhealthy at a mere 2% complete)
Bloody m: (Nov 30 2010, 7:08 am)
Project Status

2 Modes of Gameplay
5 Characters
7 Team Colors
19 Guns
2 Vehicles
1 Map
Campaign 0% done

Top 20 Pending Items on Agenda:
1. Oddball
2. Angel
3. Brute
4. Flood Combat Forms
5. Flood Carrier Form
6. Banshee
7. rest of Guns
8. another map
9. Juggernaut
10. Warthog
11. Jackal
12. Drone
13. Hunter
14. Mongoose
15. Hornet
16. more maps
17. Territories
18. Mayham
19. FFA
20. Wraith/Scorpion

Bottom of Agenda: