Dragonball Generations

by BossLvl
Become a super hero or villain! Create an origin for yourself and enjoy life in this building/survival game! [More]

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Version 2.0
Date added: Sep 18 2017
Last updated: May 3 2018
Last played: Nov 1 2018
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Generations is about becoming your character and submerging yourself in a life that results from thrilling RP. Explore through various lands as a person or creature!

Everything about life is included. Eat to survive and exercise to grow stronger. Adventure and explore alongside your comrades or watch your back around your most fearsome enemies.

Regardless of what you decide to do you're sure to enjoy this game!

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Netro: (Mar 21, 6:23 pm)
Last I checked, when this game was live. HTT was fucked to shit. You'd spawn in dying from all three. There were no beds you could sleep on, nor could you build. There were NPCs in the courtyard of this building I spawned in. The icons you bought were all fucked to hell too and didn't even function the same as they did in DBG.

Game hasn't been up since then. Provide something substantial or fade into obscurity, Mag. Like c'mon. Don't make me post your cringy ass YouTube channel here. LOL
BossLvl: (Mar 16, 12:13 pm)
Any and all hate that you see is from the old staff of a previous team who REALLY didn't want to see us succeed. I own my icons and my coding is substantial.

It actually makes me happier to hear the pleas of the weak here lol. They're definitely not going to change a thing.

We win lmao
BossLvl: (Mar 16, 12:09 pm)
First off let's laugh at the fact that none of you have a relevant say in the fact that your competition doesn't stand a chance.

Also to clarify no icons were stolen. I own them so if you're upset about that then go fuck yourself. That's your own butthurt, but i'd apply some ointment to it soon. I've just finished getting kid buu and many other forms of majin bases as well much else.

The truth is we have everything genesis has icon wise + more and our coding is being lead by a coder who far exceeds anything they have to say.

Yes the game is still on it's way. We put money into it on a weekly schedule each per financial partner that I have.

NihilSR when you pull that fatty out your mouth you can sit on it ^_^
NihilSR: (Mar 7, 7:12 pm)
fucking piece of trash stealing icons from other games, hope you get aids and die
Death222: (Feb 17, 1:00 am)
this game still on its way to being online or is it dead?